Review : Prince Satay / Satay Putera @ Kajang

Kajang folks have already heard of this newly open Satay restaurant that goes by the name of Prince Satay also known as Satay Putera. There are some rumors among the old folks saying that this restaurant is formed after a boss of a big restaurant bought over Nyok Lan aka Restaurant Malaysia which subsequently closed… Continue reading Review : Prince Satay / Satay Putera @ Kajang

Petaling Jaya

Review : Annie 1 @ Damansara Utama Uptown

There are many stalls selling Wantan Mee in Malaysia but only a few that is must-try. First will be Kum Kee's Wantan Mee that serves smooth delicious poached chicken. Second is Nam Heong that serves caramelized tender char siew. You can go for the third one which is Annie1's wantan mee for a relatively lower… Continue reading Review : Annie 1 @ Damansara Utama Uptown


Review : Thai-In Mookata @ Wangsa Maju Desa Setapak

  I am sure any TARUC student or working adults that are living in Wangsa Maju's area is aware of this restaurant call Thai-In Mookata. As the name indicates, its a Thai-based steamboat + BBQ style of dining which is pretty common recently. 我相信任何在 Wangsa Maju 地区生活的TARUC学生或成年人都会意识到这家餐厅叫 Thai-In Mookata。正如其名,它是一种泰式火锅+烧烤风格的餐饮,最近都很常见。 Thai-In is located in Wangsa Maju… Continue reading Review : Thai-In Mookata @ Wangsa Maju Desa Setapak

Kuala Lumpur

Review : Neighbour’s Coffee Bar @ Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur

FUWA FUWA! In Japanese, Fuwa brings the meaning of cute, light and fluffy thing. That is how the well is the description of Neighbour's Coffee Bar's signature dessert; Fuwa Fuwa Pancake! FUWA!FUWA! 在日语的意思是可爱,蓬松。这正正描述了Neighbour's Coffee Bar's的招牌点心;Fuwa Fuwa Pancake(松饼) ! I am sure most of you have came across pancakes in Insta or FB time to time especially… Continue reading Review : Neighbour’s Coffee Bar @ Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur


Review : Star Place BBQ @ C180

RM30 eat all you can! Unlimited flow of pork, chicken, beef and squid! Such an interesting phrase isnt it? That's the same thought that struck my mind when my friends asked me to try it out as the price of the Korean BBQ Buffet is quite cheap after Zen's. RM30任你吃!!无限量限提供猪肉,鸡肉,牛肉,羊肉和墨鱼!是不是很吸引人?续Zen之后,这是第二次朋友介绍小编去到那么便宜的韩国烧烤店。 I went there during the… Continue reading Review : Star Place BBQ @ C180


Review : Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant @ Cheras

Recently, I had visited this Big Guy Steam Fish restaurant located in Balakong. Big Guy Steam Fish is situated right off the main road side, under a big tree. (probably that is how the owner name his restaurant) 最近我拜访了这家位于Balakong的Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant. 在还没有拜访这家餐厅时, 我有尝试搜寻关于这家的资料, 但是都毫无收获。这家餐厅位于主要公路旁的大树下。(可能店主就是这样命名他的餐厅) I came here during the dinner time. As expected,… Continue reading Review : Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant @ Cheras


Review : Restoran Sinki 成記海鮮飯店 @Dengki

Who said that there is no nice Chinese cuisine nearby Cyberjaya or Putrajaya? Head over to Restaurant Sinki that is located in Dengkil, approximately 10km from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. 谁说在Cyberjaya和Putrajaya找不到好吃的华人食物?距离Cyberjaya和Putrajaya 约10KM位于Dengkil里的这间Restaurant Sinki(成记海鲜饭店)可以满足你的追求。 When you are going to a restaurant to dine in, its essential to pay notice of what is the specialty of the restaurant… Continue reading Review : Restoran Sinki 成記海鮮飯店 @Dengki


Willy Satay @ Ramal Food Junction Kajang

Willy Satay which has being labelled as the main competitor to Haji Samuri's satay, is blessed with strategic location (located right beside the Kajang SILK highway). Willy satay is often packed with customers especially during the peaked hours. Willy Satay 被标签为Haji Samuri's satay 的头号竞争者,全因它的地理位置(位于加影SILK大道的旁边)。Willy Satay经常被大量的顾客包围,特别是繁忙时段。 Just like Haji Samuri's, note down your table number and… Continue reading Willy Satay @ Ramal Food Junction Kajang


Sate Kajang Warisan Haji Dono @ Kajang

Courtesy to one of the local citizens, we came to this second restaurant that serve satay for decades. Haji Rono is one of the pioneers that came to Malaysia together with Haji Tasmin. This stall is a tad hidden. It is located beside Metro Kajang and opposite of KFC. 非常感谢其中一位当地公民所提供的资料,我们来到经营了将近一个世纪的第二家沙爹餐馆。Haji Rono 也是其中一位和Haji Tasmin 一起来到马来西亚的开拓者。这档口有一点隐秘,它位于Metro Kajang 的旁边和KFC的对面。… Continue reading Sate Kajang Warisan Haji Dono @ Kajang