Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice @ Setapak


Cheap and affordable food in Kuala Lumpur? Located at a corner lot house in Setapak, you can find yourself a home-style restaurant that serves genuine[1]  and tasty claypot chicken rice.


Proof of a genuine[1] claypot rice, Crispy rice.

As compare to other claypot rice, you can find Chinese sausage and  chicken in it except mushroom which they did not include in this restaurant. According to the owner, salted fish will only be served when you are ordering the big[2] portion of the claypot chicken rice. However, you can always request for salted fish if you wish to take it when you are having the small[3] portion of claypot rice.


Soup of the day
The lettuce has the refreshing taste to counterpoise their heavily seasoned main dish.

Other than their well-known claypot chicken rice, they also serve vegetables and the soup of the day. Their stir-fried vegetable is usually served together with oyster sauce.  Meanwhile, their soup of the day is based on the preference of the owner ; they are serving different soup each day.


Besides the price they are charging is reasonable and economical, the ambiance of the restaurant is not stuffy. This is due to the free flow of air ; in and out the restaurant. So, it’s cooling even there is no air conditioner in the restaurant. Moreover, they serve the food in a rather quick speed. Approximately 5 minutes right after we sat down, the food is served. Hmm..

One thing to take note, as the restaurant is located at the residential area, the parking space is limited. You may have to walk for a distance if you could not find a parking spot near the restaurant.




  • Price : Small Claypot (RM7), Big Claypot (RM14), Soup (RM4), Vege (RM4), Herb Drink (RM1)
  • Operating Hour: 5PM to 10PM (everyday except on alternate Wednesday)
  • Contact Number : +6016-252 7368
  • Address : Jln. Chong Hwa, Setapak, 53000, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
  • Coordinate : 3.198978, 101.707698
  • Rating : 3.2/5


  • 价钱:小份 (RM7), 大份 (RM14),蔬菜/汤 (RM4 each), 凉水 (RM1)
  • 营业时间: 下午5时至10时 (每两个星期的星期三休息)
  • 联络电话:+6016-2527368
  • 地址:Jln. Chong Hwa, Setapak, 53000, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
  • 坐标:3.198978, 101.707698
  • 评分:3.2/5

[1]  Genuine ; where the owner cook the chicken stock and rice together in the claypot traditionally. Nowadays, some restaurants cook the rice with the chicken stock in a different pot, and they put them into the claypot, heat it up before serving to you. You will notice the difference when you are mixing the rice in the claypot; there are crispy rice sticking at the bottom of the pot which proves that they cooked the rice and chicken stock all together in the claypot.

[2] Recommended for two pax.

[3] Recommended for one pax.


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