Kopitiam Desa 糖水小点 @ Wangsa Maju

Looking for Tong Shui in Setapak area? Pay a visit to Kopitiam Desa situated in Wangsa Maju, Setapak.

想过在文良港一带寻找美味又实惠的糖水?那不妨去一去位于文良港旺沙瑪珠的 Kopitiam Desa。

The crispy popiah and delicious sweet honey chicken. 他们的脆皮薄饼和美味蜜糖炸鸡.

This kopitiam serves various type of food ; porridge, fried rice, noodle, fried chicken, popiah and so on. We recommend you to try their sweet honey chicken and popiah. They are delicious! However, what is special here is their Tong Shui. Honestly, we do not think that there is any other shop that can sell Tong Shui better than this shop in this area.

这 间 茶 餐 室 提 供 不 同 的 食 物 : 例 如 粥,炒饭,面类,炸鸡,脆皮薄饼和更多。我们强力推荐你一定要去尝试他们的蜜糖炸鸡脆皮薄饼。 真的很美味!但是, 这边最特别的还是他们所提供的糖水。 以我们的观点来分析, 我们觉得在文良港这个地区找不到别间糖水店可以媲美这家店所贩售的糖水。

Small cubes of honeydew’s cube can be found in the Honeydew Sago Soup Tong Shui. 迷你正方体的哈密瓜可以在哈密瓜西米露里发现它们的踪影。


Their top selling Tong Shui ; Honeydew or Yam Sago Soup (link is provided, in case you do not know what is that, just click on the phrase) and Tofu Lychee Dessert[1]  are served in cold state. For hot Tong Shui, there are red bean[2] , ‘suet yi tong shui‘ , winter melon with dried longan and ‘bubur cha cha‘ [2] . Please do not add ice in these drinks as it will ruin the genuine taste of the Tong Shui.

他们最畅销的糖水就是哈密瓜芋头口味的西米露豆腐荔枝糖水[1] ,而这些糖水都是属于冰冷系列的糖水。那么对于喜欢喝热糖水的朋友们也不需要担心, 他们也有在提供热系列的糖水,如:红豆[2] 雪耳冬瓜龙眼嬷嬷喳喳[2] 。我们建议最好是不要加冰块进这些热糖水里,因为会影响这些糖水本身的美味。

The ambiance of the kopitiam is quite stuffy and hot especially during the noon time. As usual, visitors have difficulties to look for parking in this area and might need to walk for a distance. We also noticed that the attitude of the son’s owner is not really friendly too. Other than these, everything is fine.


  • Price : Tong Shui[3]  (RM1.60), Sago Soup (RM1.80), Popiah (RM1.00), Sweet Honey Chicken (RM1.80) (take away extra RM0.50)
  • Operating Hour: 12PM to 9PM (everyday except on Tuesday)
  • Address :
  • Coordinate : 3.206034, 101.733334
  • Rating : 3.2/5
  • 价钱:糖水[3] RM 1.60,西米露 RM1.80,脆皮薄饼 RM 1.00,蜜糖炸鸡 RM 1.80
  • 营业时间:中午12时至晚上九时(每逢星期二休假)
  • 地址:40-4, Jalan 15/27b, Desa Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • 坐标:3.206034, 101.733334
  • 评分:3.2/5

[1] Tofu Lychee usually sold out fast as compare to other Tong Shui.

[2] Not recommended to take if you are trying to quench your thirst as they are really thick.

[3] Red bean,  ‘suet yi tong shui’ , winter melon with dried longan, ‘bubur cha cha’ and Tofu Lychee Dessert.

[1] 豆腐荔枝糖水通常会比其他糖水早售完。
[2] 脖主不是很建议用这糖水来解渴,因为它实在是太浓稠了。
[3] 红豆,雪耳,冬瓜龙眼,嬷嬷喳喳和豆腐荔枝糖水。


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