Boyfriend’s Coconut Shake 男朋友椰沙冰 @ Broga Kajang

It is not just Broga Hill being the main attraction in Broga, a small town located among the greens in Semenyih. This interesting “Boyfriend Coconut Shake” , is one of the must-visit stall in Broga for their tasty and affordable drinks. The name comes after the lady who is helping her boyfriend in selling refreshing drinks in Broga.

武来岸 – 一个位于士毛月被青青绿绿森林包围的小镇,而武来岸山更是当地最受登山客欢迎的地标之一。现在又多了一个受当地人与登山客欢迎的好去处,那就是“男朋友椰沙冰”。许多当地人与登山客都是被他那美味又价格合理的冰沙所吸引。这档口名字的由来是来自一名女士帮助她的男朋友一起在武来岸销售这清爽的冰沙。

The handsome owner of this Coconut Shake’s stall. 那帅气的椰子冰沙档老板。

Approximately 5 minutes drive from Broga Hills, you will find this stall located on your left.


Coconut Shake . 椰子冰沙. RM4.00

Pitaya Shake. 火龙果冰沙。RM4.00
Pineapple Shake.黄梨冰沙。RM4.00

Coconut Shake with Ice Cream [1] . 冰淇凌椰子冰沙[1] . RM5.00
Their main attraction; Coconut Shake, was a really great refreshing drink. The rich coconut taste struck our taste buds each time we take a sip of it. According to the owner, their Coconut Shake is prepared by using local pandan coconut which is naturally sweeter than the normal coconut.

Besides selling Coconut Shake, they also have Pitaya , Pineapple and Pitaya + Pineapple Shake.[2]  

Pineapple shake was just fine – nothing much special to us. Whereas, unlike other stalls, the Pitaya shake here taste purely like a fresh pitaya juice. They did not dilute the pitaya taste by adding lots of ice. The smooth glittering drink caught our attention when it was served upon us as we thought it would be some rough surface’s smoothies.  This was done by a uniformly preparation and you can enjoy the genuine pitaya taste.

One thing we noticed, most of the customers chose to take away the drinks as there are limited space for them to sit. Some might even find it unpleasant to enjoy their drinks with flies around the stall.






  • Price : Coconut, Pitaya and Pineaple Shake (Each RM4.00), Pitaya + Pineapple Shake (RM5.00), add on Ice Cream (RM1.00)
  • Operating Hour: Weekdays (Except Monday) 11am – 5pm, Weekends 9:30am – 5pm (may close earlier if there is not much customer)
  • Off: Monday is their off-day but if Monday is a public holiday then they will still operate from 9:30am to 5pm and close on Tuesday. 
  • Contact number : +6010-2580366
  • Coordinate : 2.936150, 101.912639
  • Rating : Pineapple Milk Shake (3.0/5) Pitaya Milk Shake (3.1/5) and Coconut Milkshake (3.3/5) 


  • 价钱:椰子,火龙果和黄梨冰沙(每个RM 4.00),火龙果黄梨混合冰沙(RM 5.00),加冰淇凌(RM 1.00)
  • 营业时间:平日 早上11时至傍晚5时,周末 早上9时30分至傍晚5时(如果没什么客人,他们将会提早打烊)
  • 每逢星期一休息,若星期一是公共假期,他们将会照常营业从早上9时30分至傍晚5时,然后将会在星期二补休。
  • 联络号码:+6010-2580366
  • 坐标:2.936150, 101.912639
  • 评分:黄梨冰沙(3.0/5),火龙果冰沙(3.1/5)& 椰子冰沙(3.3/5)

[1] In our opinion, we think it would be better not to add ice cream to your drink as the vanilla taste would cover up the original taste of your drinks.

[2] Pitaya + Pineapple Shake does not really make much differences for us, the taste still the same as dragon fruit.


[1] 以我们的观点来分析,我们觉得不加冰淇凌进冰沙里会比较好,因为那香草冰淇凌的味道会覆盖过冰沙原有的味道

[2] 火龙果黄梨混合冰沙对于我们来说没有太大的分别,喝起来的味道就好像火龙果。


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