Restoran Ikan Bakar Yap 阿葉燒魚@ Broga

Take a left turn at Sak Dato Temple, you will find yourself a narrow uneven road that barely fits two large car ie SUV. Drive along this road approximately less than one kilometer you will find this Thai style’s restaurant introduced by the Broga’s handsome coconut shake’s owner (Link to the handsome owner in case you are wondering).


The dishes here are all tend to be more on Thai style as the main chef of this restaurant is a Thai chef. As recommended by the owner of the coconut shake, besides the grilled fish being their signature dish, the crispy fried chicken here is mouth-watering also.

As a result, we have ordered their Thai style grilled Tilapia, Thai style cuttlefish, fried chicken and sweet potato leaves.


We could not find any more suitable word to describe the fish other than FRESH. According to the restaurant’s manager, their tilapia fishes are taken from third party. Despite the fish is not from the pond they owned or the fish tank they have, it was undeniable that the fish is really fresh. However, the Thai style cooking result only in sour taste, there is a missing element – Spicy. The gravy of the fish is a bit watery for us too. Perhaps this is the unique cooking style of the chef but it was not really attractive to us.


Next, their Thai style fresh cuttlefish is a really unique dish that we must admit. We believed that there are some people that would prefer not to order this dish due to the ‘King of Herb’ – basil leaves[1] that they use in preparing this dish. The dish was heavily seasoned with the basil leaves, and sadly, other than the taste of the basil leaves, we could not taste anything else. That being said, basil leaf is good for our health okay!


The fried chicken was delicious. It was fried until crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside. I also noticed that most of us took more than 2 piece of it as compare to other dishes such as the basil leaf cuttlefish (LOL).


Right beside the restaurant, its a pond surrounded by green scenery where the diners can enjoy their meals while gazing through the beauty of nature. We were taking our dinner accompanying by the soft blow of wind, birds’ chirping sound, and the sound of crickets too. Crickets are very common in Broga by the way.


Few things to take note, there is no coverage[2] in the restaurant as it is located in a rural area so you can face and talk to each other! The serving speed of the restaurant is relatively slow due to short of chefs. Lastly, the toilet is located beside the pond, where you got to take a steep staircase down, so be careful not to fall down.



  • Price : Thai Grilled Tilapia (RM36) Thai Cuttlefish (RM32) Fried Chicken (RM32) Vegetable (RM7
  • Operating Hour: Everyday (Except Monday) 11am – 7pm (Close early due to mosquitoes’ attack)
  • Address: Lot 584, Jalan Tanah Pinggir, 71750 Broga, Negeri Sembilan.  
  • Contact number : +6016-2636963
  • Coordinate : 2.929848, 101.927477
  • Rating : Thai Grilled Tilapia (3.0/5) Thai Cuttlefish (3.1/5) and Fried Chicken (3.3/5) 


  • 价钱:招牌泰式烧非洲鱼(RM36),泰式炒墨鱼(RM32),酥脆炸鸡(RM20)
  • 营业时间:每个周一休息,早上11时至晚上7时(因为蚊子因素所以晚上关店)
  • 地址:Lot 584, Jalan Tanah Pinggir, 71750 Broga, Negeri Sembilan.、
  • 联络号码: +6016-2636963
  • 座标: 2.929848, 101.927477
  • 评分: 招牌泰式烧非洲鱼(3.0/5) 泰式炒墨鱼(3.1/5) 酥脆炸鸡(3.3/5)

[1] Basil leaf also known as the ‘Royal herb’ is a culinary herb that is good to enhance our immune system. It is commonly used in Italian, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine.

[2] They do provide free WI-FI.


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