Brilliant Nasi Lemak House @ Kepong

Recommended by a Kepong friend of the admins, Tom-san, today we are visiting this Brilliant Nasi Lemak House located near Kepong's Murni. 根据来自甲洞朋友的好介绍,今天我们将会去到这间靠近甲洞Murni的Briliant Nasi Lemak House。 As the name indicates, the restaurant is specialized in serving Nasi Lemak. So, we ordered their Nasi Lemak with various combinations that consists of (fried drumstick, sambal prawn, squid, rendang… Continue reading Brilliant Nasi Lemak House @ Kepong


Ooi Noodle House @ SS15

How long have you tried waiting for your food in a restaurant? For the first time in my life, I have tried waiting for food for an 1.5 hours. ONE HOUR THIRTY MINUTES. So, this is the Ooi Noodle House in SS15 (等久久猪肉粉[1] ), which is well-known for their pork noodle. 你曾经为了美食愿意等待多久?这是我人生第一次,为了等待美食等了差不多一个小时半。那就是闻名的SS15 AKA 等久久猪肉粉[1] ),这里出名猪肉粉也只卖猪肉粉。 The… Continue reading Ooi Noodle House @ SS15