Ooi Noodle House @ SS15

How long have you tried waiting for your food in a restaurant? For the first time in my life, I have tried waiting for food for an 1.5 hours. ONE HOUR THIRTY MINUTES. So, this is the Ooi Noodle House in SS15 (等久久猪肉粉[1] ), which is well-known for their pork noodle.

你曾经为了美食愿意等待多久?这是我人生第一次,为了等待美食等了差不多一个小时半。那就是闻名的SS15 AKA 等久久猪肉粉[1] ),这里出名猪肉粉也只卖猪肉粉。

The restaurant only serve soup pork noodle. Once you have placed your order, the lady boss will ask you to get a seat and wait for approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depends on the number of customers on that day.

The reason why they take long time to serve the noodle is because the chef cook the soup bowl by bowl instead of in bulk order. I believe this is one of the reasons why so many customers are visiting this shop as the chef is pouring all his concentration into every bowl of noodle he is preparing.


As you can see, despite the long waiting period, there are lot of customers in the shop. Even during lunch hour on a working day.

For the first half an hour, we were waiting patiently. Talking to each other, looking around and playing with our mobile phone. Once we have waited for 45 minutes, you can see some symptoms arising from our team members. Member SY was keeping quiet as we noticed that she was counting the number of tables left to reach our turn. Member E was complaining that he was sweating due to the air conditioner was not cold enough. Member I was start talking to himself; ‘There are three bowls! Are those ours??’ while disappointingly looking at the waitress serving them to other table.


Finally, after an 1.5 hours of waiting, here comes our pork noodle. As all the pork noodle you could find outside, you can find pork slices, minced pork, pork intestine and pork liver in the noodle. The result was rather disappointing after we had tried it. Among all of our members, we could only say that this pork noodle is a normal pork noodle. Most of the members have tried a better pork noodle.

Few things to take note, do not come here if you are hungry or you are rushing for next meeting. As I have mentioned above, it takes up to at least 45 minutes for one bowl of pork noodle. Please make up your mind before you go to the lady boss and place your order as the lady boss has short tempered due to many incoming and outstanding orders.




  • Price : Pork Noodle (S) (RM9) Pork Noodle (B) (RM10). Add egg (RM1).  Barley (RM2)
  • Operating Hour: Weekday 7:30am – 4pm, Weekend 7:30am –5pm 
  • Address: 78, SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, Malaysia 
  • Contact number : +603-5637 3204 (i believe you would not want to call as the lady boss is really short tempered)
  • Coordinate : 3.076768, 101.588846
  • Rating : Pork Noodle (2.2/5)  

  • 价钱 : 猪肉粉(小) (RM9) 猪肉粉(大) (RM10). 加蛋(RM1). 薏米水 (RM2)
  • 营业时间:周日 7:30am – 4pm, 周末 7:30am –5pm
  • 地址: 78, SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, Malaysia
  • 联络电话: +603-5637 3204 (如果你不怕死,尽管打)
  • Coordinate : 3.076768, 101.588846
  • 评分 : 猪肉粉(2.2/5)

[1]  goes by the name of ‘Wait Long Long Pork Noodle’


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