Kuala Lumpur

Nam Heong Vintage @ Pavilion Elite KL

Best Seller : Nam Heong Egg Tart (RM3.40),Signature BBQ Pork Belly Rice (RM12.50) Price: Chicken Sou (RM3.40), Signature Dry Assam Curry Noodles (12.50), Egg Noodle with BBQ Pork and Wantan (RM13.50), Sweet Sour Pork rice (RM13.50) , Operating Hour: Mall Operation Hour (10am-10pm) Address: L8, 106.00,Pavilion Elite, 166, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Coordinate… Continue reading Nam Heong Vintage @ Pavilion Elite KL

Kuala Lumpur

6th Avenue Cheesecake @ The Tokyo Restaurant Lot Ten Bukit Bintang

The best cheesecake in town? A cheesecake that will melt the moment you put it on your tongue? We always heard of these catchphrases so we definitely would not miss the chance to pay a visit to The Tokyo Restaurant for their cheesecake. 全城最好吃的乳酪蛋糕?是否尝试过乳酪蛋糕入口即化的口感?凡是尝试过The Tokyo Restaurant 的乳酪蛋糕的顾客都对其赞不绝口,因此引起了我们对它的兴趣而特意去一探究竟。


Tomyum @ Serendah Selangor

Are you a tom yum lover? If you are one then you definitely would not want to miss a chance to pay a visit to this tom yum restaurant located at Serendah. 你是东炎爱好者吗?如果你是,那你绝对不想错过这位置在Serendah的东炎餐馆。 Introduced by one of our members that lives in Rawang, this is the only tom yum restaurant that he will visit despite… Continue reading Tomyum @ Serendah Selangor


Uncle Seng Handmade Noodle @ SS15 Subang

In Subang area? This is another eating-place that you would not want to miss. It is a handmade noodle restaurant, Uncle Seng that is well known among the students and white collar workers in SS15 area. 在梳邦再也,有一个美食是你绝对不能错过,那就是位于SS15,在当地相当有名 的这间手工面Uncle Seng了 A brief history of Uncle Seng; initially he wanted to create a Wanton Mee that is… Continue reading Uncle Seng Handmade Noodle @ SS15 Subang


Uncle Soon Fried Rice @ Foh Foh Restaurant SS15

When all the stall owners are competing to station their stall in the front of the restaurant, which has a strategic location, this specialized fried rice stall is situated at the back of the restaurant, a tad hidden. You have to go all the way to the back of the restaurant to find this stall.… Continue reading Uncle Soon Fried Rice @ Foh Foh Restaurant SS15