Uncle Soon Fried Rice @ Foh Foh Restaurant SS15

When all the stall owners are competing to station their stall in the front of the restaurant, which has a strategic location, this specialized fried rice stall is situated at the back of the restaurant, a tad hidden. You have to go all the way to the back of the restaurant to find this stall.


Located in SS15, we are here to present to you another hidden gem yet is well-known among the Inti Subang and Taylor’s College’s students; Uncle Soon Fried Rice.

A little history of this stall back then; the stall was operating in Langkawi for approximately 9 years before moving to Subang for more than 10 years. This stall which was named after the owner; Uncle Soon, currently is run by the children of Uncle and Aunty Soon . The fried rice is attractive enough due to their family secret sauce.

在这我们将为你们介绍着位置在SS15 广受 Inti Subang 和 Taylor’s College 学生间广受欢迎但鲜为人知的隐藏美食: 顺叔炒饭。
让博主略略地介绍本档的少少历史; 此档已在Langkawi 经营了大约9年后才搬迁至Subang,而次档已在Subang 经营超过10年之久。次档的名字是用档主的名字来命名的,现在已传承至第二代了。他们炒饭的吸引之处莫过于他们家的秘密酱料

As the fried rice stall is running by both young adults, Aunty Soon is there to collect orders from customers. You may have to wait for a period during the peak hour ie lunch and dinner hour, however, it would not be as long as the Pork Noodle in our previous post.



Prawn Fried Rice (big) 虾仁炒饭(大份)


Char Siew Fried Rice with Egg (small) 叉烧炒饭 + 蛋(小份).


Despite the mass orders and bulk frying, both of the chefs can produced such scrumptious fried rice for the customers. We have ordered two different fried rice; Prawn Fried Rice and Char Siew Fried Rice.

The moist of Uncle Soon’s fried rice is just nice; not too dry and not too wet. Every bite of the fried rice is like an addiction where I could not stop myself from taking another bite even though I have a mouthful of it. In case you feel the rice is too oily and greasy, you can try their sweet-sour sauce that they have prepared. It will stimulate your taste buds as if it reset your taste buds by removing the greasy feeling in your mouth.

Another attractive point of this fried rice is the price. It is not over priced and definitely worth its value. Their portion is relatively small. If you are a heavy eater like me, you can go for the Super Big portion. I doubt you would be satisfied with the Big portion. Do take note, you will face difficulties in finding parking in this area.


  • Price : Prawn and Char Siew Fried Rice (S RM6.50, Big RM7, Super Big RM7.50) , Char Siew + Prawn Fried Rice (S RM8.50, Big RM9, Super Big RM9.50). Add egg RM0.50
  • Operating Hour: Everyday 11am – 8:30pm ( they’ll take a short break in the noon around 2-4  and continue frying in the evening) 
  • Address: 95, Jalan SS15/4B, SS15, 47500 Subang.
  • Contact : +6016-230 0011
  • Coordinate : 3.076874, 101.589359
  • Rating : Prawn Fried Rice (3.6/5) Char Siew Fried Rice (3.6/5)


  • 价钱:虾仁炒饭/叉烧炒饭(小:RM 6.50,大:RM 7,超大:RM 7.50),叉烧虾仁炒饭(小:RM 8.50,大:RM 9,超大:RM 9.50)。加蛋 RM 0.50
  • 营业时间:每天早上11时至晚上8时半 (在下午2时至4时他们都会暂时休息然后到旁晚才继续营业) 
  • 地址:95, Jalan SS15/4B, SS15, 47500 Subang.
  • 联络号码:+6016-230 0011
  • 地标:3.076874, 101.589359
  • 评分:虾仁炒饭(3.6/5)叉烧炒饭(3.6/5)

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