Uncle Seng Handmade Noodle @ SS15 Subang

In Subang area? This is another eating-place that you would not want to miss. It is a handmade noodle restaurant, Uncle Seng that is well known among the students and white collar workers in SS15 area.

的这间手工面Uncle Seng了

A brief history of Uncle Seng; initially he wanted to create a Wanton Mee that is special enough where the customers would not be bored of it. The daily fresh made[1] noodle is created without preservative and lye. Uncle Seng also mentioned that the soup of the noodle which takes at least 3 hours to prepare, is done early in the morning together with the kneading process of the handmade noodle.


We have ordered their Char Siew Wanton, Curry Chicken and Chicken Feet Mushroom Noodles in REGULAR to try. The noodle’s portion is really generous and it surely did satisfy the two glutton members in our team.


Char Siew Wanton Noodle 叉烧云吞面


Curry Chicken Noodle 咖喱鸡云吞面


Chicken Feet Mushroom Noodles 蘑菇鸡脚云吞面


Not to be deceived by the look of the noodles. Although it seems plain and boring to you, it actually taste good when you slurp them into your mouth. The soft yet spongy texture gives off a refreshing taste when you are munching them in your mouth. One generous tip from our member CCM, request for their curry broth (which is foc) and the waiter will bring you a separate small bowl of curry for you to enjoy with the noodle. You will be grateful for him for such a tip.


Their signature chili that you should give a try.

Few things to take note. As usual, the restaurants that we have been visiting (if you follow our blog closely), are usually crowded especially during the peak hours. So be patient if you are waiting for your turn. Besides that, the parking here is limited too due to the offices and colleges around this area. Lastly, according to Uncle Seng, if you like his handmade noodle you can even purchase them back and cook yourself.

  • Price : Char Siew Wanton (RM7.50), Curry Chicken (RM7.50) and Chicken Feet Mushroom Noodles (RM8.00) . (To upgrade to LARGE portion, you just need to top up another RM0.50) 
  • Operating Hour: Daily 8am to 4pm (Monday off)
  • Address: 68, SS15/4B, 47500 Subang Jaya.
  • Coordinate : 3.076391, 101.588678
  • Contact Number : +6012-2546482
  • Rating : 3.5/5



  • 价钱: 叉烧云吞面(RM7.50), 咖喱鸡云吞面(RM7.50) ,蘑菇鸡脚云吞面(RM8.00) . (大份的只要加RM0.50)
  • 营业时间: 8am to 4pm (周一休)
  • 地址: 68, SS15/4B, 47500 Subang Jaya. Coordinate : 3.076391, 101.588678
  • 联络号码: +6012-2546482
  • 评分 : 3.5/5

[1] The noodle created on that day will be sold on that day only.


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