Tomyum @ Serendah Selangor

Are you a tom yum lover? If you are one then you definitely would not want to miss a chance to pay a visit to this tom yum restaurant located at Serendah.


Introduced by one of our members that lives in Rawang, this is the only tom yum restaurant that he will visit despite there is quite a distance for him to travel.


6 Flavors 六味糖水

For starter, we ordered a dessert called 6 Flavors (Liu Wei). It is a special dessert that comprised of cendol, longan, sweet potato and lots of small cubes of grass jelly in it. Member I had finished 80% of his dessert even before they served any dishes. Despite the crowd on that day, one of their warm-hearted worker came over bringing a bowl of ice for us to add into the dessert that we ordered earlier. According to him, the dessert would not be nice if it is not cold anymore.


Fried Pork Rib 炸排骨

There are a few signature dishes in this restaurant. The first one would be their fried pork rib.  Member B noticed that it has been fry-coated with Mamee Monster Noodle’s powder. Another unique trait of this dish is, it is served with fried crunchy garlic pieces just like those in teppanyaki.

这间东炎餐馆有几道招牌菜。第一道将会是他们的炸排骨。博主B尝出了这炸排骨的味道就好像加了Mamee Monster Noodle’s 调味粉一起下去炸似的。同时,它也有一些类似在铁板烧店的炸蒜头片在里头

Fresh Kangkung 新鲜空心菜
Tilapia Fish 泰式非洲鱼

The thai style fried Tilapia is also one of their signature dishes. The sauce they coated on top of the fish is a thai-style sauce which not all people could accept it. It was a tad spicy. The fish was really fresh and the next time we come, we would order a steam-style to enjoy a better flavor of the fish.


Tom Yum 东炎汤

Lastly, the main attraction of this restaurant is their tom yum. As you can see, the 2-pax tom yum soup is rich with ingredients[1]  was divided among four of us. The taste of this soup is not just pure spicy. It brings a sour taste at the beginning and eventually the spicy taste that will linger around your mouth even after you swallowed the soup. The best companion to eat with the tom yum would be just plain rice. Even Member I who could not eat spicy food, found it tasty and kept sipping it.  According to Member SY who always travels to Thailand, this soup resembles the original Thai’s taste. Initially we doubted her and laughed at her but subsequently we found out the aunty that prepares this tom yum soup is from Thailand.

One generous tip from Member CCM, it would be better to order the tom yum soup on its own instead of tom yum noodle. He noticed that previously he ordered tom yum noodle, they gave him lesser ingredients in the soup.



  • Price : Fried Pork Rib (RM20) , Tilapia Fish (RM30), Kangkung (RM10), Tom Yum[2]  (RM18, RM9 per pax), and 6 Flavors (RM2.50)
  • Operating Hour:  Daily 11:30am to 7:30pm (Wednesday off)
  • Address: 425, 1, 48200 Selangor Off Main Trunk Road #1,, 48200 Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Coordinate : 3.367951, 101.606642
  • Contact Number : 6012-619 0887
  • Rating : Fried Pork Rib (3.1/5.0) , Tilapia Fish (3.1/5.0), Kangkung (3.2/5.0), Tom Yum (3.9/5.0), and 6 Flavors (3.5/5.0)


  • 钱:炸排骨(RM20),泰式非洲鱼(RM30),空心菜(RM10),东炎汤【2位】(RM18,RM9每位)和六味糖水(RM2.50)
  • 营业时间:每天早上11时30分至晚上7时30分(每逢星期三休息)
  • 地址:425, 1, 48200 Selangor Off Main Trunk Road #1,, 48200 Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia
  • 地标:3.367951, 101.606642
  • 联络号码:6012-619 0887
  • 评分:炸排骨(3.1/5.0),泰式非洲鱼(3.1/5.0),空心菜(3.2/5.0),东炎汤(3.9/5.0)和六味糖水(3.5/5.0)

[1]There are lots of fresh prawns, chicken meat, potato, cuttlefish and squid in it. The soup is free of pork but there is no Halal Guaranteed.



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