Kuala Lumpur

6th Avenue Cheesecake @ The Tokyo Restaurant Lot Ten Bukit Bintang

The best cheesecake in town? A cheesecake that will melt the moment you put it on your tongue? We always heard of these catchphrases so we definitely would not miss the chance to pay a visit to The Tokyo Restaurant for their cheesecake.

全城最好吃的乳酪蛋糕?是否尝试过乳酪蛋糕入口即化的口感?凡是尝试过The Tokyo Restaurant 的乳酪蛋糕的顾客都对其赞不绝口,因此引起了我们对它的兴趣而特意去一探究竟。

The restaurant which is located at the 4th floor of ISETAN The Japan Store, has a cozy and grand ambiance. It is divided into two sections; for main course dine-in section and for dessert dine-in section, which comes with a mini bar.

这餐馆位于ISETAN The Japan Store的四楼,那边的环境既舒适又不失高雅。这餐馆主要分为两部分; 主要用餐区和甜点用餐区,内还配有迷你酒吧。

The cake is best consumed within three hours if you are intending of taking away for someone you loved. 这蛋糕最好能在3个小时内吃完如果说你是想外带给你所爱的人尝试的话。

The cheesecake is served with a scoop of whipping cream which was prepared by hand instead of machine. The edge of the cheesecake is baked until slight crispy burnt which has the totally opposite texture from the entire slice of the mellow cheesecake . As what everyone is mentioning, the cheesecake really melt the moment it touches our tongue. Just at the moment I swallow it, I told myself ‘it’s really worth the price and I’ll definitely come back again!’


Do not be surprised if they informed you that you have to wait for some time when they run out of the whipping cream. As the cream is hand-made, overloaded orders from the customers will result in shortage of whipping cream. Besides that, in order to avoid feeling cloy of eating the rich flavored cheesecake, we recommend you to have it shared between 2-3 person, either you are single (with your friends) or couple (with your another half). After all, sharing food would always taste better than eat it alone.


  • Price : RM19.08 (RM18.00 before GST)
  • Operating Hour: 11:30AM to 11:00PM
  • Address: (Lot Ten, ISETAN The Japan Store) 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
  • Coordinate : 3.146142, 101.711927
  • Contact Number : +603-2119 2622
  • Rating : 6th Avenue Cheesecake (4.2/5.0)


  • 价钱:RM19.08 (RM18.00 不含税)
  • 营业时间:早上11时半至晚上11时
  • 地址:(Lot Ten, ISETAN The Japan Store) 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
  • 地标:3.146142, 101.711927
  • 联络号码:+603-2119 2622
  • 评分:6th Avenue奶酪蛋糕(4.2/5.0)

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