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Nam Heong Vintage @ Pavilion Elite KL

  • Best Seller : Nam Heong Egg Tart (RM3.40),Signature BBQ Pork Belly Rice (RM12.50)
  • Price: Chicken Sou (RM3.40), Signature Dry Assam Curry Noodles (12.50), Egg Noodle with BBQ Pork and Wantan (RM13.50), Sweet Sour Pork rice (RM13.50) ,
  • Operating Hour: Mall Operation Hour (10am-10pm)
  • Address: L8, 106.00,Pavilion Elite, 166, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Coordinate : 3.149428, 101.712165
  • Contact Number : +603-21106321
  • Rating : Nam Heong Egg Tart (3.7/5.0), Chicken Sou (3.5/5.0), Signature Dry Assam Curry Noodles (3.4/5.0), Egg Noodle with BBQ Pork and Wantan (3.4/5.0), Sweet Sour Pork rice (3.3/5.0) , Signature BBQ Pork Belly Rice (3.4/5.0)


  • 价钱 : 南香蛋挞(RM3.40), 鸡骚(RM3.40), 招牌干咖喱面(12.50), 叉烧云吞全蛋面(RM13.50), 酸甜猪肉饭 (RM13.50) , 招牌叉烧饭(RM12.50)
  • 营业时间: 商场营业时间(10am-10pm)
  • 地址: L8, 106.00,Pavilion Elite, 166, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • 座标 : 3.149428, 101.712165
  • 联络电话: +603-21106321
  • 评分 : 南香蛋挞(3.7/5.0), 鸡骚(3.5/5.0), 招牌干咖喱面(3.4/5.0), 叉烧云吞全蛋面(3.4/5.0), 酸甜猪肉饭(3.3/5.0) , 招牌叉烧饭( (3.4/5.0)

Menu:  Page 1 and Page 2 .

What to eat at Nam Heong? A restaurant which has 60 years of experience in serving Ipoh Chinese Cuisine. There are a few branches of Nam Heong around us , but the one we went was at the 8th floor of Pavilion Elite.

菜单Page 1 and Page 2 .

今天我们将会去到拥有六十年历史并且是OldTown White Coffee发源店的这间南香茶餐室。它们拥有许多的分行,而今天我们将会去到的是位于Pavillion Elite八楼的这间开幕不久的南香茶餐室。

Nam Heong Egg Tart 南香蛋挞

Fresh. They have schedule[1] in baking the tarts to ensure that the tarts are freshly served .  The crust was crispy yet it is soft inside. It is slightly pricy but definitely worth the price.

评语: 外脆内酥,蛋香浓郁,甜味适中,焦度刚好,价钱稍微贵一点,但物有所值。南香镇店之宝,必点。

Signature Chicken Sou 招牌鸡骚

Fresh[1]. The butter honey-coated crust is crispy sweet while the filing is filled with the aroma of soft minced chicken meat. This is a re-innovated version of Siew Bao.


Signature Dry Assam Curry Noodles 招牌干咖喱面

Comments: The thick curry aroma was appealing. Something caught our attention about this noodle, the coconut milk was not dissolve completely and it is obviously seen from the picture. Some would prefer not squeeze the lemon on the noodles as it would cover the nice aroma of the curry. The noodle comes with a customization where customers are allowed to choose the type of noodles that they prefer and add-ons.


Egg Noodle with BBQ Pork and Wantan 叉烧云吞全蛋面

If Mak Chee’s Wantan Mee taste good to you, then you definitely need to try this dish as it will could leave you a deep impression.

如果你认为Mak Chee‘s 的云吞面美味,那你更加必须尝试下这里的云吞全蛋面,刷新你的味蕾

Sweet Sour Pork rice 招牌酸甜猪肉饭/古佬肉饭

This dish came with tender meat and a rather heavily seasoned gravy. It was a tad salty even when it was eaten with rice but it is worth to try.


Signature BBQ Pork Belly Rice with big chunk of meats 招牌叉烧饭

Generous portion of scrumptious sweet Char Siew is served with butter rice and prawn crackers. Member I gave his compliments to the combination of the Parsley and butter rice as they could stimulate his appetite greatly. To us, the Char Siew here is one of the best Char Siew we have ever tasted. We would definitely back for their Char Siew again.


Nam Heong is equipped with advanced POS System where customers can order directly from the Tab that they installed on every table. In case customers are not familiar with the system, they can always request for their menu and order with their waiter/waitress. Personally, the original Nam Heong Old Town located in Ipoh has more authentic taste but the down side is there is very packed with customers and together with the warm atmosphere.  Overall, Nam Heong Vintage definitely worth to pay a visit for their tasty yet not overpriced food.

南香茶餐室的点餐模式是运用平板电脑,如果觉得有点复杂也可以请服务员附上菜单并帮忙点叫。比起怡保老店的南香茶餐室少了传统的感觉却多了一份现代化的味道。在周末或繁忙时刻可能顾客会有点多所以可能需要等待一下子。整体来说,在Pavillion Elite范围之内,这间南香茶餐室,不管在价钱或味道方面上,都值得一去。


Schedule for freshly baked Egg Tart and Chicken Sou

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