XO Fish Head Noodle @ Bandar Teknologi Kajang

  • Best Seller : Fish Head Meehoon (RM10.90), Fish Paste Meehoon (RM9.90) and XO Fish Head Meehoon (RM16.90)
  • Operating Hour: 7:30am-3:30pm
  • Address: 46, Jalan 1/9, Bandar Teknologi Kajang, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Coordinate : 2.971158, 101.828477
  • Contact Number :  +6012-666 9937
  • Rating : Fish Head Meehoon (3.3/4.0), Fish Paste Meehoon (3.1/5.0) and XO Fish Head Meehoon (3.7/4.0)


  • 价钱: 鱼头米(RM10.90), 鱼胶米(RM9.90) and XO 鱼头米 (RM16.90)
  • 营业时间: 7:30am-3:30pm
  • 地址: 46, Jalan 1/9, Bandar Teknologi Kajang, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Coordinate : 2.971158, 101.828477
  • 联络电话:  +6012-666 9937
  • 评分: 鱼头米(3.3/4.0), 鱼胶米(3.1/5.0) and XO 鱼头米(3.7/4.0)


Another restaurant that you should not miss when you are in Semenyih, Restaurant Food Village that specialized in serving Fish Head Noodle. The fish head noodle that commonly found outside, is usually prepared by freshwater fish instead of sea fish. However in this restaurant, they only serve fresh sea fish Ling Fish Head from New Zealand, Salmon and Grouper Fish Head. They also have prawns and abalone to pair with their Fish Head Noodle too.


Fish Head Meehoon 鱼头米 (RM10.90)

Comes with a generous portion of  thick rice vermilion and condensed milk broth that has shao xing wine in it, the deep fried Ling fish head released a nice aroma that will stimulate your appetite greatly.


Fish Paste Meehoon 鱼胶米(RM9.90)

Customers who have bad experiences of swallowing fish bones or simply because they do not like the hassle of removing the fish bone, they can go for the fish paste option which also comes together with the great fusion of broth.


XO Fish Head Meehoon XO 鱼头米 (RM16.90)

The best seller in this restaurant is their XO Fish Head Noodle. If you favor the shao xing wine, the XO version of Fish Head is compulsory for you to taste. The enhanced flavor of the broth with XO liquor will surely make you crave for more of the broth. The Ling Fish Head in this dish was fresh, the meat was firm and tender. Definitely worth the price we paid for.

店家最好卖的莫过于他们的 XO鱼头米。如果你是绍兴酒的爱好者,那这个XO鱼头米绝对是你的不二选。鲜嫩可口的鳕鳘鱼头搭配着谈奶香,传统绍兴酒再加上浓郁的XO酒,必定可以让味觉的层次上更上一层楼,物超所值。

The thick rice vermilion is a tad hard to us, perhaps they did not really cook it long enough. The restaurant is divided into 2 sections;  with and without air conditioning. Do take note if you wish to enjoy the soup after you finished the noodle, you would be preferred to sit on the one without air-cond as our soup got cold by the time we finished the noodle in the air-cond section.



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