Bess Kopitiam (Breakfast / Brunch) @ Melaka

Always wonder what you should eat in Melaka? Any nice or decent restaurant where you could take a bite and fill that growling stomach of yours when you are in Melaka?


This weekend we are on a food hunt journey to one of the country’s historic land, Melaka. We are lucky enough to have Shin, a Melaccan who took the initiative to prepare a full course meal that one should try when he is in Melaka. Lets wait no more and follow through our first post on the breakfast spots in Melaka!

我们就在这个周末策划了一个猎食之旅,目的地就在我国的历史胜地: 马六甲。我们很幸运能够得到一位当地马六甲的朋友带我们到处猎食,他还精心的准备了他每次返回马六甲时必然会到访的私房菜单。那就废话不多说,就跟着我们的脚步来探索马六甲,首先要为你们介绍马六甲的早餐热点。

The first stop; Bess Kopitiam. A well-known kopitiam among the locals that ceased their operation approximately 5 years ago (around 2012) nearby A Famosa and resumed their operation 2 years ago (2015) at Bukit Baru.

第一站:Bess Kopitiam。这咖啡店在当地是无人不晓的,但是他们在大约五年前结业了(大概在2012年)当时在A Famosa 的咖啡馆,然而在两年前(2015年)他们又重新在Bukit Baru 营业了。

Nyonya Laksa 娘惹叻沙 (Rm5.00 exclusive of GST)

Awarded as one of the Top 50 Best Laksa outlets in Malaysia (2009), we definitely should not miss the chance of trying their Nyonya Laksa. This Nyonya Laksa has a clear broth that is rich in coconut milk’s aroma. Accompanying the laksa, comes with a spoon of homemade sambal that prepared by a Nyonya lady which enhanced the taste of the laksa.


Mee Siam 炒米粉 (Rm6.70 exclusive of GST)

Mee Siam is another recommended food of the kopitiam. From our point of view, the Mee Siam here is not as dry as the one we tried in Kuala Lumpur. It has a mild sweet taste thanks to the secret sauce they prepared themselves. Aside from that, it is just seems like a normal fried noodle to us.



  • Operating Hour: 7.30am – 2.30pm (Every Thursday off)
  • Address: 378-C Taman Sin Hoe, Bukit Baru, 75150 Melaka.
  • Contact Number : +6017-6188055 / +6017-6108055








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