Restaurant Kok Keong, Bak Kee Teng (Breakfast / Brunch) @ Melaka

Breakfast, Lunch or even Brunch in Melaka? Pay a visit to Restaurant Kok Keong. Restaurant Kok Keong is an old restaurant that sells ‘Meat Soup Rice‘ or known as (Bak Kee Theng in Hokkien) for decades in Melaka. This ‘meat soup rice’ is quite similar to Bak Kut Teh.


The meat that they are using is pork; lean meats that are coated with corn starch, intestines, spare ribs and streaks which is available for customization as per customer’s wish.


Lean meats coated with starch. 包裹着木薯粉的瘦肉.

The main selling point of the restaurant is their soup, which is prepared by spices and herbs that will boost one’s energy for the day. The density of the soup is slightly thicker than Bak Kut Teh’s soup. We left not a single drop of the soup when we were taking our meal there.


Last but not least, to pair with the soup, yam rice is always the best choice. The rich yam aroma from the rice left a deep impression to us. We will definitely ordered their yam rice again.


Rm8.00 (Definitely worth the price)

As usual, the restaurants that we have been visiting (if you follow our blog closely), are usually crowded especially during the peak hours. The parking here is limited too due to the overwhelming. Besides Kajang Bak Kut Teh that we frequently revisit, this will be a new restaurant that will add into our ‘revisit list’.

顾客比较多所以食物需要等待一段时间并且停车位也有限. 除了那个位于加影的肉骨茶,这里的“猪肉汤芋头饭”绝对是另一个我们会再一次想吃的美食。

  • Operating Hour: 8am – 3pm (Every Sunday off)
  • Address: .
  • Contact Number : +6017-6901099 / +6017-6905185

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