Kuala Lumpur

D24 Durian Mcflurry @ McDonalds

Approximately 2 months ago (July 2017), Singapore McDonald’s has launched the Nasi Lemak Burger which was hot-selling for weeks. Now in Malaysia, McDonald’s has introduced the Durian D24 Mcflurry that is made from real D24 durian flesh which appeared to be long queues around the McDonald’s outlets.



With the base of Vanila ice-cream, D24 durian puree was added in before the mixture was blended. The sweet smell of durian from the Mcflurry was swirling into my nose and durian flesh in my mouth when I was enjoying the dessert.


Personally, it was a tad sweet to me, probably it was due to the artificial sweetener. This dessert would be best if it is less sweeter and made from 100% durian.


D24 Durian Mcflurry can be a sharing dessert among and it is only available in Mcflurry, not in cone ice-cream.


Image shows that the ice-cream is not much different as what they are advertising. 这图片显示的冰淇凌和他们的宣传图片差异不大。



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