Boston Lala @ Restoran Boston Baru Klang

There is a Boston in United States that is famous for its Tea Party[1] . In Malaysia, we also have a 'Boston'. However, our 'Boston' is famous for its clams, also AKA 'Boston Lala'. 位于美国的波士顿有一个闻名的Tea Party[1] ,在马来西亚,我们也有一个波士顿,但是我们的“波士顿”出名的是拉拉,也叫做“波士顿拉拉”。 To dine in this restaurant, you would have to wait and queue. Even after placing your orders, you would… Continue reading Boston Lala @ Restoran Boston Baru Klang


Putu Piring Tengkera @ Melaka

Another hidden delicacy in Melaka that has been the locals' preferable dessert after having their dinner; Putu Piring. So, what is a Putu Piring? 在这为您们介绍另一道鲜为人知却深受在地马六甲人喜欢的饭后甜点:Putu Piring。所以Putu Piring 到底是什么呢?对于这Putu Piring 没有概念到底是什么的人,就让我在这为您们略略介绍吧。 Putu Piring is a delicacy origin from India and the name itself brings the meaning of 'rice' in the form of 'plate'. Putu Piring 是一道来之印度的佳肴,而它的名字的意思就是“饭”以“盘”的方式呈现。… Continue reading Putu Piring Tengkera @ Melaka


Longkang Siham @ Melaka Back Alley

I believe some of you have tried eating at a back alley. However, have you tried eating at a back alley AND by the side of the drains? 我相信大家都有试过在后巷吃东西的体验,不过,你是否曾经试过在后巷沟吃东西的经历呢? The google map will provide u guidance on how you can reach these hidden stalls 这个谷歌地图座标可以带你去到这个隐藏的路边摊小吃Longkang Siham or as known as the shellfishes stall by the… Continue reading Longkang Siham @ Melaka Back Alley


Klebang Original Coconut Shake @ Melaka

"Bang, conoconut shake biasa satu please!" Yeap, you did not read that wrongly. I actually accidentally pronounced it as CONOCONUT due to the excitement of trying the drink for the first time; Klebang Coconut Milk Shake. "老板,conoconut 冰沙一杯!" 对了,你没有读错。我真的不小心把它念成了CONOCONUT。因为在第一次尝试到 Klebang 椰奶冰沙时太兴奋了。 I am sure most of you always heard of Coconut Shake Klebang but how… Continue reading Klebang Original Coconut Shake @ Melaka


Nancy’s Kitchen @ Melaka

Nancy's Kitchen is one of the well-known restaurants in Melaka that serves no-preservative and Authentic Peranakan Food in Melaka. This restaurant is often flooded with customers during lunch and dinner period. To ensure yourself getting a seat before arriving the restaurant, reservations can be made through their website. Nancy‘s Kitchen 是一间位于马六甲非常有名且专卖峇峇娘惹美食的餐馆。这间餐馆在午餐和晚餐时段常常满座,所以如果你们想确保自己会有位置的话,可以去他们的网站预订位置。 We were introduced to… Continue reading Nancy’s Kitchen @ Melaka