Nancy’s Kitchen @ Melaka

Nancy’s Kitchen is one of the well-known restaurants in Melaka that serves no-preservative and Authentic Peranakan Food in Melaka. This restaurant is often flooded with customers during lunch and dinner period. To ensure yourself getting a seat before arriving the restaurant, reservations can be made through their website.

Nancy‘s Kitchen 是一间位于马六甲非常有名且专卖峇峇娘惹美食的餐馆。这间餐馆在午餐和晚餐时段常常满座,所以如果你们想确保自己会有位置的话,可以去他们的网站预订位置。

(RM15.00)  Babi Pongteh or AKA Pork with Bean Paste.

We were introduced to a traditional dish by Shin (sequel from previous post); Babi Pongteh or AKA Pork with Bean Paste. A Peranakan stew pork that cooked with preserved soy bean and dark sweet soy sauce. It came with a slight sweet taste due to the Gula Melaka they have added in. Personally, the succulent pork meat taste better when I ate it with the mushroom.

Babi Pongteh AKA Pork with Bean Paste是一道用马六甲椰糖,生抽,老抽和甜酱油混合煮成的炖焖肉料理,椰糖略带点微微的甜度加上生抽的咸度和老抽甜酱油的颜色味道配合上,是一道传统峇峇娘惹风味的美食。个人认为,猪肉和蘑菇的搭配非常好。

(RM15.00)   Duck with Salted Vegetable Soup 咸菜鸭汤 (Sup itik Tim)

Aside from that, we also ordered their recommended Peranakan dishes; Duck with Salted Vegetable Soup (Sup Itik Tim) and Fried Egg Cincaluk (Cincaluk Telur). Sup Itik Tim is a product of duck that was cooked together with salted vegetables and white wine for hours on a slow heat. Unfortunately, it had disappointed us as the taste of the salted vegetables have completely covered the duck’s taste in the soup.

同时,我们也点叫了咸菜鸭汤 (Sup itik Tim)和咸虾酱煎蛋 (Cincaluk Telur)。咸菜鸭汤是一道由鸭肉搭配咸菜和白酒一起用慢火烹煮的汤料理。但是,有点失望的是,咸菜的咸味完全掩盖了鸭肉鲜美的味道。

(RM6.00) Cincaluk, it was just like a normal omelet for us. 咸虾酱煎蛋,对于我们来说,就如同普通的煎蛋,并没有任何让人惊讶之处。
(RM4.50)   Cendol with ‘Gula Melaka’ 煎蕊

Last but not least, one must not miss the chance to try out ‘Gula Melaka‘ when one is in Melaka! For that, we ordered Cendol with ‘Gula Melaka’. An ice shaved dessert accompanies by beans, nuts, cendol, grass jelly and local ‘Gula Melaka’ completed our lunch in Melaka.


Onde-Onde 椰丝球

We took-away the Onde-Onde (Kuih Gula Melaka) as our snack when we were on a 2 hour-journey back home. The Gula Melaka that pop in our mouth as we chew the simple chewy glutinous rice flour balls definitely did not let us down. We will be back for the Cendol and Onde-Onde if we happened to visit Melaka again.



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