Klebang Original Coconut Shake @ Melaka

Bang, conoconut shake biasa satu please!

Yeap, you did not read that wrongly. I actually accidentally pronounced it as CONOCONUT due to the excitement of trying the drink for the first time; Klebang Coconut Milk Shake.

老板,conoconut 冰沙一杯!”

对了,你没有读错。我真的不小心把它念成了CONOCONUT。因为在第一次尝试到 Klebang 椰奶冰沙时太兴奋了。

I am sure most of you always heard of Coconut Shake Klebang but how many of us actually know the meaning of Klebang? Klebang is actually the name of one of the towns in Melaka hence the name of this drink was formed after Klebang.

我很肯定大多数的你们多多少少都会听到Klebang的椰奶冰沙,但是又有多少的人真正的懂得Klebang意思呢?Klebang 其实是马六甲其中一个城镇的名字,而这饮料的名字就是取之于这个城镇。

An ice blended drink mixture of pandan coconut’s flesh and vanilla ice cream. Klebang 椰奶冰沙是混合了新鲜的班兰椰子和香草冰淇淋的冰沙饮料.
Klebang Coconut Shake Special (RM2.70 inclusive of GST) 特别Klebang 椰奶冰沙 (RM2.70)

Despite the excitement I had earlier, it led to a disappointment. Personally, the Klebang Coconut Shake is too sweet. The overwhelming flavor of the vanilla has covered the natural sweetness of the coconut. As a result, it is as if I am drinking a vanilla shake with coconut flesh in it. Perhaps, if they reduce the portion of vanilla that they are blending will make the drink taste better. For me, I still prefer the Broga Coconut Shake.

对于我来说,这Klebang 椰奶冰沙有点太甜了。那浓郁的香草味道盖过了椰子的天然甜味。这就像我在喝香草冰沙里头含有新鲜的椰肉。或许他们可以减少香草的部分,那么这饮料就会更好喝。相比之下,我个人会更喜欢男朋友椰奶冰沙

Stall available at roadside exclusively for take-away 这档口就摆放在路旁,而他们专门做打包.

  • 营业时间:星期一至星期日早上11时至徬晚6时半,星期五下午2时半至徬晚6时半。
  • 地址:Lot 130, Solok Kampung Bahagia, Klebang Besar, 75250 Melaka.
  • 联络号码:+6013-3994061

This is a bit off track.

If you are on your way to the Padang Pasir Klebang aka Malaysia’s Desert, we advise you to take away the coconut drinks from here to quench your thirst while you are strolling under the sun into the ‘desert’.


如果你是在去Padang Pasir Klebang 也被称为马来西亚的沙漠时,我们建议你去打包这椰奶冰沙后才去,这样当你漫步在炎热太阳下的沙漠时可以解渴。

The google map (here) will bring you to the hidden desert which is located at the end of the street. You would need to walk for a distance from your car as it has been blocked by pillars when we visited it on 14 August 2017.

这谷歌地图 (这里) 会带你去到这位置在街道尽头的秘密沙漠。你需要走一段距离因为你的车会被柱子阻挡着而驾不进去,当时是14号8月2017年。

approximately 10-15 minutes walk
The ‘desert’ is just up ahead.
You are here!
The ‘desert’ ‘s location.


  1. Bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated.
  2. We recommend you to visit the desert after 6pm to prevent yourself from exposing yourself to the scorching sun.
  3. Do not forget your umbrella and sun block.


  1. 请带足够的水好让你能补充水分。
  2. 我们建议你在徬晚6点后才去这沙漠,好让你避免暴晒在这炎热的太阳下。
  3. 如果你打算去这沙漠,雨伞和防晒乳是最好的搭配。

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