Longkang Siham @ Melaka Back Alley

I believe some of you have tried eating at a back alley. However, have you tried eating at a back alley AND by the side of the drains?


The google map will provide u guidance on how you can reach these hidden stalls 这个谷歌地图座标可以带你去到这个隐藏的路边摊小吃

Longkang Siham or as known as the shellfishes stall by the drains are one of the tourist attractions in Melaka. They are located at a back alley between Kong Wah and My Jeans Fashion along Jalan Bunga Raya.

位于马六甲Jalan Bunga Raya,Kong Wah和 My Jean Fashion后巷,有个被称为Longkang Siham (沟渠血蛤)的路边摊小吃,是个深受游客和当地人喜爱的美食去处。

Up until today, there are two stalls known as; Tong Bee’s Stall Shell Food and a little deeper into the alley is Capitol Seafood. So the question is; which one to choose?

今时今日,在马六甲有两个非常有名的的小吃档,那就是Tong Bee’s Stall Shell Food和位于隐秘小巷里当中的Capitol Seafood。问题是,那个才是最好的选择?

A long steel table with lowered stools that allowed customer to watch their shellfishes boiled while waiting for their food 顾客在等待之余可以观看店家烹煮食物

To me, both of them are pretty much the same as I have tried both of them. The only difference I noticed was Tong Bee’s stall workers was all local Chinese while Capitol’s Seafood did hire some foreign workers to work for them.

Personally, I prefer Tong Bee as the old Chinese man that took our orders knew what we really want. We had a small dispute with the foreign workers at Capitol Seafood as there was a misunderstanding in our communication when we were placing our orders.

对于我来说,当我尝试两个选择后,他们并没有什么大不同。唯一让我觉得不同的地方是,Tong Bee’s stall 的员工大多数都是在地华人而Capitol’s Seafood则比较倾向于外来员工。

我本身比较偏向Tong Bee’s因为帮我们写单的中年华人会更加明白我们需要什么。然而,Capitol’s Seafood的员工多数是外来员工,所以当我们点叫饮料时因为语言上的不通所以造成我们产生误解,让我们有不太愉快的用餐经历。

Tong Bee’s Stall Shell Food (+60 16-645 8108)

fresh shellfishes (RM2) 鲜蚶(RM2)
Can request for half cooked, normal or full cooked 可以要求烹煮,半熟,普通和全熟
Sotong Kangkung (RM10) that has thrifty amount of sotong 鱿鱼空心菜 (RM10)只有少量鱿鱼
Where to get this much of fresh cockles and clams for RM2 (each), besides in Melaka? 在马六甲哪里寻找RM2又新鲜的蚶和蛤蜊

Capitol Seafood (+6019-364 3912 / +6016-785 7497)

Both of the stalls serve fresh shellfishes with their special sauce. This sweet sour homemade sauce comes with nuts in their sambal which enhance the taste of the fresh shellfishes.


As the name indicates, the stalls are by the drains’ side. There will be hygiene issues as some might not be able to accept the concept of eating by the drains. There will be bikes passing by the back alley constantly too. During the weekends and public holiday, parking is a problem if you planned to visit here. So be patient in finding one.



  • 营业时间: Monday to Sunday (6pm to 11pm)每个周二休息
  • 地址: 143, Jalan Bunga Raya, Kampung Jawa, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia


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