Putu Piring Tengkera @ Melaka

Another hidden delicacy in Melaka that has been the locals’ preferable dessert after having their dinner; Putu Piring. So, what is a Putu Piring?

在这为您们介绍另一道鲜为人知却深受在地马六甲人喜欢的饭后甜点:Putu Piring。所以Putu Piring 到底是什么呢?对于这Putu Piring 没有概念到底是什么的人,就让我在这为您们略略介绍吧。

Putu Piring is a delicacy origin from India and the name itself brings the meaning of ‘rice’ in the form of ‘plate’.

Putu Piring 是一道来之印度的佳肴,而它的名字的意思就是“饭”以“盘”的方式呈现。

  • Putu : Rice 饭
  • Piring : Plate 盘


Fresh, is definitely one of the main reasons that not only lured so many tourists but also the locals to the queue outside this house-based stall for their Putu Piring. This sweet delicacy will only be produced on the spot based on your orders.

​新鲜,绝对是其中一个主要原因为什么会吸引到那么多的游客及本地人在他们的家庭式档口外大排长龙也要吃到他们家的Putu Pering。这甜点只有现点现做给您。

In this video you can see that the Gula Melaka is placed in the middle of the Cassava flour before it is steamed in their customized wrapping muslin. The steaming for each of this delicacy will take bout few minutes and finally it will be served together with freshly grated coconut.


The Putu Piring here is meant for take away only 这Putu Piring 只供外带而已
This India originated dessert has a soft and fluffy texture. The aroma of mixed freshly cooked rice and the grated coconut struck my nose when I opened the container of the Putu Pirings.

这印度的传统甜点有着松软和蓬松的质感。当我打开那Putu Piring的塑料包装的瞬间,那新鲜熟饭和椰丝的混合香气已经扑鼻而来了。

A valuable tip from me; eat it as soon as you are back to your car! Just kidding. Enjoy the savory dessert when it is hot. It would not taste good after the food’s temperature goes down.


  • Price: RM1.20
  • Operating Hour: 6pm-10pm (Off on Sunday)
  • Address: 252, Jalan tengkera 75200 Melaka.
  • Contact Number : 06-282 1505

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