KK Kopitiam @ Sri Rampai

Me: What is nice at your area that I should try ar?

YB: My area as in Setapak?

Me: Yea Setapak. Although I did write some posts for Setapak’s food, did I missed out any thing else?

YB: There is this one Curry Fish Head that you should give it a try at KK Kopitiam there.


YB: 你的意思是 setapak?
YB:那你可以试看在 KK KOPITIAM的咖喱鱼头。

Just a typical corner Kopitiam that has various food stalls in it. When i walked into the kopitiam, I noticed that almost 80% of the tables are with the curry pot.



The thick and milky curry pot is prepared with fresh Grouper Fish Head. It comes with generous amount of cabbages, green beans, egg plant and lemon grass which will reduce the feeling of greasy when you are enjoying the curry.


Tender Grouper Meat

The gravy itself is the best companion to be eaten with white rice. It was not very spicy and I got addicted to the smell of the curry.


The portion is sufficient for two or more people unless your stomach capacity is large, I suggest you to share it with your friend or family.

Tip from Seklavie, the fish head has quite many tiny bones so be careful when you are digging in. If you have low tolerance to spicy food, this curry pot would not be your choice of food.


食 La Vie 贴士,鱼头带有很多细细的鱼刺,享受美食之余记得注意。如果你不太能接受辛辣食物,这里的咖喱不会是你的选择。

Will I return again? Yes. For the addictive curry pot and the friendly boss who answered our questions patiently.


He even smiled when we took a picture of him! 当我们拍老板时,他还对镜头微笑


Location : No. 16, Jalan Rampai Niaga 1, Rampai Business Park, Taman Sri Rampai, Wilayah Persekutuan, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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