Sun Ming Charcoal Roast Restaurant @ Taman Connaught

Ever wonder why there are so many cars or lorries stop by the highway side at Taman Connaught? You will notice that there is this particular restaurant that is always packed with customers. So the next question popping out your mind; what is so special of this restaurant that attract high numbers of traffic?

你有没有曾经好奇为什么有那么多车或罗里停在Taman Connaught的大马路旁?你会发现当中有一间饭店常常布满人潮。这时你脑海就会浮现一个问题,这间饭店有什么特别之处可以吸引那么多顾客慕名而来?

Restaurant Sun Ming often being labelled as the best duck rice shop in Cheras area. Not only the locals but even those from dozens of kilometers away will travel to here to try their meats. Meats? Yea, Chicken , Duck and Pork meats.


Roasted Chicken 烧鸡 Rm17.00
Roasted Chicken comes with shiny, thin and crispy skin on the outside, juicy and tender flesh on the inside. You can feel the juice being squeeze out in your mouth when you are chewing it. (Writing this makes my saliva drooling literally) If the chicken skin could be more crispy, then it would be perfect.


Roasted Duck 烧腊,烧鸭 Rm20.00
Next, their signature dish, Roasted Duck. The Roasted Duck comes with a more crispy skin as compared to the Roasted Chicken.  For a meat lover like me, chewing on the tender and juicy duck meat makes me demand for more. Not only that, the Roasted Duck here does not have any duck odor or fishy smell. Now, I understand the reason for high traffic here.


A plain and tad salty duck sauce is served together that could make duck meat taste even better 秘制的烧鸭酱汁搭配上烧鸭一起食用可以让味道更上一层楼
Char Siew (BBQ Pork Belly) 叉烧 Rm10.00
For the Char Siew (BBQ Pork Belly) , I would say that it can be on par with Nam Heong’s Char Siew. The succulent meat will literally melt in my mouth when I am chewing it. (too much literally but that is how excited am I writing this). Personally, I still prefer Nam Heong’s Char Siew as I love to chew on larger and thicker meat slices. It gives off more satisfaction.


Chai Buey / Chai Boey / Hot Sour Soup “菜尾”/“菜脚”/“酸辣汤 Rm6.00
Chai Buey / Chai Boey / Hot Sour Soup or Assam Vegetable is a dish where the mustard green is boiled in a pot together with the leftover of meats. The spicy and sour Assam Vegetable here taste better than most of the Assam Vegetable outside. The level of spiciness and sourness is just right strucking my taste buds . If you have low tolerance to spicy food, you may want to skip this.


One thing I personally noticed, the workers in the food preparation area here are all Chinese. Some you might think that nowadays most of restaurant / kopitiam is dominated by foreign workers. Your Wan Tan Mee is cooked by a foreign worker, which is very common nowadays. However, in Sun Ming only the local Chinese work in the food preparation area while the foreign worker is just delivering the food to the respective table. (No element of discrimination, just purely sharing on what I have noticed)


Tips from 食 La Vie, be patient in finding parking and seats as the Malay proverbs says; Di mana ada gula, di situ ada semut. The place that has scrumptious food will always be packed. Besides that, once you entered the restaurant, you will notice there is a long queue. The queue is for take away only. So, if you are to dine-in, proceed inside the restaurant for a table.

食 La Vie贴士,这里夺得泊车位有点少,需要点耐心寻找,美食总是值得等待。当你走进饭店时,你会发现有很长的排队,那个队伍是给那些打包的顾客的。如果你是打算在饭店进餐,直接在餐桌点叫即可。



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