Petaling Jaya

Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

On one fine evening, we were craving for some dessert and suddenly the image of my particular mate, Lychee (just a fiction name) came into my head. He once told me to try out Alexis’ cakes. Without any further ado, I just grab my partner and car’s key to go to this cafe.

在某个晚上,突然觉得嘴馋想吃些甜点,这时就想起我的朋友-荔枝(只是个虚构的名字)。他曾经建议我去尝试Alexis 的蛋糕。我就立刻拿起汽车钥匙就带我的伴侣去这个咖啡馆。

Located in the Bangsar Shopping Complex, the elegant cafe that serves mixture of Asian and Western cuisines could accommodate up to 85 persons.

Alexis 位于Bangsar Shopping Centre里,是个优雅的咖啡馆供应着亚洲和西方的美食,可容纳高达85人

We ordered 2 slices of their cakes ; Mixed Fruit Meringue[1] and Tiramisu[2].

我们共点了2片蛋糕 ; Mixed Fruit Meringue[1] 和 Tiramisu[2]

Mixed Fruit Meringue’s outer layer is crispy like a biscuit while the inner layer is soft like a cotton candy. Generous amount of whipped cream and berries are served together with the cake. The berries were a bit sour for me and the cream was a bit too much too. I ended up removing the cream and eat the meringue with the berries only. Besides that, this cake does not taste as sweet as I expected. Suitable for those that prefer a rather plain dessert after the meal.

Mixed Fruit Meringue的外层像饼干一样酥脆,而内层却像棉花糖一样软绵绵。这蛋糕搭配着大量的奶油和浆果。那些浆果对我来说有点酸,而奶油的份量也有点太多了。当我吃久了就会觉得很腻所以将奶油隔着一边,把浆果配着蛋白酥饼一起吃。此外,这个蛋糕没我预料中的甜。非常适合在晚餐后喜欢吃微甜甜点的人。

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that has ladyfingers soaked in coffee and cognac. Topped with a layer of caramelized mixed nuts; almonds, peanuts and probably some walnuts too. Below the generous amount of nuts, lays the ladyfinger dipped in coffee and cognac. Then, comes the mascarpone cheese and chocolate flakes in between of the ladyfingers.

Tiramisu是一种意大利式甜点,把松脆饼泡在咖啡和干邑白兰地里。蛋糕顶上铺着一层焦糖混合坚果 ; 杏仁,花生,也可能有核桃。在大量的坚果下面,铺着一层在咖啡和干邑白兰地里泡的松脆饼。接着,在松脆饼中间夹着一层玛斯卡波尼起司和巧克力碎片。

I would prefer to eat the cake without the strawberry sauce as it would ruined the taste of the cake. To be frank, I definitely would return for this Tiramisu cake again.


Tips from 食 La Vie; the cake here is served in a large portion. So, we recommend you to grab someone with you when you are going to try out the cakes here. Can help you share the large slice of cake as well as the bill too.

食La Vie提示 ;这里的蛋糕份量很大。所以如果你想尝试这里的蛋糕,我们建议你带上伴侣或朋友一起尝试,好帮你分享大片蛋糕以及账单。

[1] Meringue is made from egg white in case you are wondering what is it (like I did) and baked until it is crisp.

[1] 若你好奇Meringue是什么(像我这样),Meringue是由蛋清制成的,并烘烤直到它变酥脆。


[2] Tiramisu aka the Sex Cake was invented centuries back then in a brothel for the purpose of replenishing the energy of their clients so they can have multiple sexual intercourse sessions with the prostitute there to keep the money flowing in. During that time, the original recipe of this cake was much simpler and different from the current one. The key ingredient of the cake back then had an energetic mixture that said to be able to raise the dead from the grave itself. The recipe then re-innovated by a lady who tasted the sex cake before. She found out the substance of the cake able to restored her body after the labor so she decided to complete the recipe with a cook and sell it in her restaurant.

[2] Tiramisu也称为“性爱蛋糕”,是由几个世纪以前某个妓院所发明的,目的是为了补充客户的能量,使他们能够与妓女进行多次性交,以保持金钱流入。那段期间,这个蛋糕的原始食谱比现在做法更简单和不同。当时蛋糕的关键材料是一种精力充沛的混合物,据说还能够让坟墓里的尸体死里复活。然后,食谱再次由一位尝过性爱蛋糕的女士翻新。从中她找到了能够让她在劳动后恢复体力的蛋糕的物质,所以就决定和一位厨师完成食谱,并在她的餐厅里销售。


Tiramisu also has another meaning in Italian ; pull / lift me up.

Tiramisu也有另一个意大利语意思 ; 拉/抬起我





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