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Cao Cao Grilled Lamb曹操烤羊 @ Old Klang Road

‘Cao Cao[1]  has retired from the battlefield and started grilling lamb by the road side’

A catchy sentence used by a lot of netizen especially among the bloggers for the Cao Cao Grilled Lamb stall.

这是一段盛传在网友间, 特别是部落客对于这家曹操烧烤羊肉档的流言。

Among the group of stalls along Jalan Sawi, you can find this Grilled Lamb stall that was once being recommended by HoChak!, a food review television program. Now you can enjoy your lamb meat not in a restaurant but by the road side, the Malaysian culture!
在Jalan Sawi 众多的档口里, 你会发现就只有这家烧烤羊肉档被美食电视节目”好吃”介绍过。现在你不单单能在餐馆吃到羊肉,而在路边也能吃到了,马来西亚独有文化。

According to the Aunty, the lamb that they are grilling are imported lambs.


The Mint Sauce[2]  here is a specially homemade sauce. It is a water-based mint sauce instead of cream-based which usually served in some restaurants. I, personally prefer the water-based mint sauce as it taste extra refreshing.


RM25.00 (2-person portion)

The marinated lamb meat was juicy and tender. Coated with honey after grilled, scrumptious just by chewing it like that without dipping into the mint sauce.


The strength of this Grilled Lamb Stall is definitely the heat control on the charcoal grill. It was not charred and just nice. However, the meat was rather chewy. Not suitable for old folks. There were a few times where I could not swallowed the meat after chewing for a dozen times.


Price list / Menu

Tips from 食 La Vie; the parking here is limited and most of the time customers just illegally park at the main road side. The portion of the grilled lamb is rather small. To be frank, I can finish the 2-person portion all by myself.

食La Vie温馨小提示; 那边的停车位有限,而多数的人会违法停车在大马路旁。这烧烤羊肉的分量有点少。坦白来说,我可以一个人吃完两人份的羊肉。



[1] a chinese Warlord who was once a significant figure during the Three Kingdoms Era

[2]  Ever wonder why Mint Sauce is always served together with Lamb or Mutton dishes? Just for your information; according to a chef (who wished to be anonymous), Lamb is the meat of a sheep that is either one year old or younger. On the other hand, Mutton is the meat of an adult sheep which usually has stronger smell than Lamb meat and the texture is harder. Mint Sauce was used back then in the warring eras when the soldiers were having mutton to cover up the strong smell of mutton.  So, up until today Mint Sauce still served together with the Mutton and even Lamb dishes.

[1] 一位在三国时期有名的中国霸主。
[2] 是不是整天在想为什么吃羊肉时一定要陪薄荷酱呢?只是而外咨询,根据一名大厨的口述(想保持低调),lamb是小过一岁的羊肉。而mutton就是多过一岁的成年样,所以它的骚味会比较强烈, 肉质也会比较硬。薄荷酱是在战国时代时士兵用来盖过羊骚味的。而到了今时今日,吃羊肉的时候店家还是奉上薄荷酱。


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