Huskitory @ Melaka

Huskitory is a pretty well-known dog cafe that is located in Melaka. The cafe was modified from a double storey corner lot into a specialized dog cafe that houses more than 10 huskies in it.


WechatIMG16 A brief history of Huskitory; the cafe was formed roughly 2 years ago instead of year 2010. If you pay attention to their logo, it stated ‘Est. 2010’ . That was actually to commemorate the birth of Sugar, the Alpha of the Huskitory’s huskies pack.

在这里简单得介绍一下Huskitory的历史; 这咖啡厅时在大约两年前成立。如果你有注意到他们的招牌的话,你就会发现招牌上面写着”Est. 2010″(成立于2010), 这其实是在庆祝Huskitory 众多哈士奇们的老大,Sugar的诞辰。


Besides Huskies, they have Xiao Bai. 除了哈士奇,在这咖啡厅也有小白。
Sugar[1]being tethered as the owner afraid that he might attack the customers. Sugar[1]全程都会被绳子拴住,这是因为店主担心它会去攻击客人。
Indoor Session
Baby Eve – 78 days old.

There will be two sessions during the feeding time; indoor and outdoor sessions. The indoor session is where customers will be able to interact with the dogs in the cafe. During this time, you will noticed that most of the customers will try to get the huskies to take photos with them. Be careful with your drinks as the dogs will try to sip them. 这里会有两个喂食环节; 室内和室外。室内环节是可以让客人在咖啡厅里头和狗狗们互动。在这时候你就会发现很多客人会去和哈士奇拍照。但是要小心你的饮料, 因为狗狗们会去舔哦。

WechatIMG14WechatIMG19After an hour of interaction, customers will be direct to the outdoor session where you can interact with more huskies. There will be a small performance of the two Alaskan Husky named Thunder and Lycan (if I am not mistaken) will be jumping for about 5 to 6 feet high to get the mango located by the window’s frame. You will be able to meet Sugar if you are lucky. The owner rarely bring Sugar out due to its ferocious nature. Finally, the outdoor session will be ended by a group photo with the Huskies sitting in one row. (Such obedient dogs)

在一个小时的互动后, 客人们就会被请去室外环节, 在这环节里你会接触到更多的哈士奇。这时候会有两只阿拉斯加哈士奇,名字叫Thunder 和 Lycan(如果我没有记错)所带出的小小表演。它们会跳到5/6公尺高去摘摆放在窗口边的芒果。在最后,这室外环节就会在和排成一排的哈士奇排照后结束。(真听话的狗狗)

Tips from 食 La Vie ;  make a reservation before you pay a visit here. Especially during the feeding time as we have seen customers standing outside of the cafe waiting for their table. Not to mention during the public holidays, you will see more customers going to Huskitory too. Last but not least, enter the cafe at your own risk. The signage of ‘Enter at your own risk’ is placed at the outside of the cafe to warn the customers before entering into the premise.

食La Vie温馨小提示; 在你还没有去这咖啡厅前最好预约。特别是在喂食时间,因为我们看到很多客人在外头排队就因为里头爆满了。暂不提公共假期, 你也会看到很多客人去这家咖啡厅。在最后, 在进入这咖啡厅时要自己承担风险。”Enter at your own risk”的告示排已经贴在咖啡厅外头警告客人们进入咖啡厅前要多加小心。

  • Operating Hour: 12:30pm – 10:30pm
  • AddressTaman ASEAN, 75250 Malacca. (Waze : Huskitory)
  • Contact Number : 06-3346202
  • Feeding Hour : 5pm-7pm & 8pm-10pm

[1] Sugar is the oldest husky in Huskitory. If you are lucky, you will get to see him during the outdoor session here. But, beware of Sugar as it is dangerous to taunt him or provoke it. Due to its pride of an Alpha, any gesture that is provoking or even staring into his eyes will cause him to be aggressive and bite you. During our visit that day, there was a lady got bitten. There was a man who managed to rub Sugar without making him growl too. So, I guess it is depend on Sugar’s mood?

[1] Sugar是Huskitory 里头狗龄最高的哈士奇。如果你幸运的话, 你会看到它出现在室外环节。但是, 当你在挑逗或戏弄Sugar 时要多加小心,因为它很危险。因为老大的自尊心, 任何戏弄的动作或盯着它的眼睛也可能会使到它变得激动和咬你。在我们拜访的那天就有一位女士被它咬伤了。但是一位男士去抚摸它时连咆哮声都没有。所以我猜这完全是随Sugar的心情吧?


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