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BBQ Lamb Kemensah @ Ampang

Are you someone who enjoy listening to the sound of cricket chirping? Or perhaps someone who enjoy listening to the sound of river flowing? Here in BBQ Lamb Kemensah, you can enjoy your meal while listening to the sound of the mother-nature.

你会不会喜欢聆听山林中的虫鸣声?或者山林水溪间的流水声?在BBQ Lamb Kemensah, 你可以一边享受美食之余还可以享受来自大自然的美妙声音。

BBQ Lamb Kemensah is located ‘behind’ of the National Zoo. ‘Behind’ here is not referring to right behind of the Zoo. It is located deep in the village, approximately 2 to 3KM away from the Zoo.

BBQ Lamb Kemensah位于国家动物园的“后面”,一条大约3Km车程的隐秘乡村里。

This photo somehow gives a ‘horror movie’s’ feel LOL

As the name indicates, they are specialize in BBQ. Since our whole squad is here, we managed to try almost all of their main dishes.


First up was their Fish and Chips. A dish that comes with salad and potato instead of chips. The Fish and Chips here was rather normal to us, nothing special. However, the portion of it was hefty.

首先,烤鱼薯条(Fish and Chips)。相对于普通,没什么特点,份量足够。

Fish n Chip RM30

Second was the Beef Tenderloin. The beef was over-cooked and dry. We were having some ‘gum workout’ chewing on the beef. Not really recommended.

第二,烤菲力牛扒(Beef Tenderloin)。附有三种酱汁;蒜头酱, 薄荷酱和烧烤酱。牛肉烤得过熟,造成有点“老”和干,让我们体验了一次叫口香糖的机会。

Beef Tenderloin RM30

Third dish was their recommended Lamb Shank. We specifically asked for some recommendations from their waiter and he mentioned that the Lamb Shank is delicious to him. It turns out that the dish was not a disappointment. The meat was tender and soft when we were chewing it. Besides, the juicy meat was addicting as we carved for more after the first bite. At the end, we ended up holding the bone to dig for the remaining meat rather than using fork and knife as the earlier moment.

第三,服务员推荐的烤羊小腿(Lamb Shank)。服务员并没有让我们失望,肉质细嫩多汁入口即化,美味的程度使到最后我们决定抛弃刀叉而直接用手捉起骨头豪迈大吃.

Lamb Shank RM40

Next, another recommended dish, Smoke Duck. The dish has around 6-7 slices of thick, juicy and succulent meat. Every slice of it left a mouthful of enjoyment feeling. (Even now, imagining of the meat served on that day made my saliva drool literally) The smoky taste and smell is just on the mark.  It taste delicious without even dipping into the sauce they have provided.


Smoked Duck RM30

Combo set; comes with 2 bowl of Nasi Kunyit, smoked duck, lamb and beef. It came with 3 sauces ; garlic with bitter bean sauces, mint sauce and BBQ sauce.

组合套餐;里面有两碗黄姜饭,烟薰鸭肉和羊肉牛肉。附有三种酱汁;蒜头酱, 薄荷酱和烧烤酱。

Combo set RM70 – comes with 2 rice

Last but not least, we also tried their lamb soup. In my opinion, the lamb soup was just so-so. It would taste better if there are more spices (especially pepper) added in.


Lamb soup RM18 – Recommended for sharing
Bone marrow can be suck out of it using straw 用吸管可以吸出骨髓

Watermelon juice is above average! 很好喝的西瓜汁!
Customers can enjoy themselves in the pool without any charges 顾客可以在水池旁闲逛

During the weekend, there will be wooden tables and chairs placed on the river for customers to enjoy their meals. Too bad for us that we visited on the weekdays and got no chance to try it out. The next time we visit, we will enjoy our smoky duck and the lamb shank with the cool river water flowing on our feet.


Chill and romantic ambiance that made us feel so comfy 宁静和浪漫的环境让人觉得舒服

Tips from 食 La Vie ; if you are planning to visit the restaurant after the sunset, please be cautious driving into the village as the narrow road is a tad dark with the limited number of dim lights there. Villagers and kids were playing by the road side too. You are advised to make a reservation if you planning to pay a visit as we heard from the Lady Boss that they are full occupied in the weekends until the end of the year.

食 La Vie贴士,如果你选择在日落之后光临这间餐厅,驾驶的路程请格外小心因为时不时会有村民和小孩在路边闲逛并且道路会有点窄小和光线灰暗,小编也建议大家可以先订位确保行程不会受阻因为女老板透露餐厅会一直忙到今年年尾。


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