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Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @ Ampang

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is located near the Ampang Look Out Point. Many years ago, it was quite difficult to locate this restaurant but with the help of Waze, getting here is not a major issue anymore.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant 是位于安邦Look Out Point 附近的泰式料理餐厅。在很多年前,是蛮难找到这餐厅的,但是现在有了“华姐”的帮忙,去到那里已经不是一个大问题了。

Veg Fish Farm is a Thai restaurant that has majority Thai chefs. The customers can enjoy their meals on the wooden platforms floating above the pond. Besides that, there is a floating stage where there will be performers that will perform there.

Veg Fish Farm 是一个拥有许多泰国厨师的泰式料理餐厅。顾客们可以在湖泊中央搭起的木制平台上享用他们的料理。除此之外,那里也有一个木制的舞台,时不时会有表演者在上面表演。

Steamed Siakap RM77.25 (inclusive of GST)

First dish; Steamed Lemon Thai Style Siakap (Asian Sea Bass). The fish was prepared in a sweet, sour and spicy broth that consists of lemon and bird eye chilies . No doubt the fish was fresh and the meat was tender. The broth is the best companion for the you to eat with white rice.


Pakul Belacan RM15 (inclusive of GST)

Second dish ; Pakul Belacan, their home-grown fresh vegetable. It taste good, and together with the Belacan, it released a nice fragrance. We will definitely be back for this dish again in the future.

第二道料理;Pakul Belacan,他们自家种植的蔬菜。它和虾酱一起吃的味道很好, 释放出了好闻的香气。我们绝对会为了这道料理再拜访这餐厅。

BBQ Cockles RM8 (inclusive of GST)

Third, BBQ Cockles. The cockles were fresh. It was just nice and not over-cooked. Although we did not order the Giant Cockles, but the cockles here were bigger as compared to the ones we had in Melaka.


BBQ Squid RM35 (inclusive of GST)

Fresh BBQ Squid that has a topping of a thin layer of honey. The squid’s flesh was chewy and juicy. (but it was not as hard to chew as compared to the Beef Tenderloin we had)


Tom Yum Seafood RM25 (inclusive of GST)

Next, we also tried their Tom Yum Seafood. It was a pretty decent Tom Yum. Nothing special. Personally, I still prefer the one at Serendah. It taste more Thai than this.


Manga Sticky Rice RM10 (inclusive of GST)

Mango Sticky Rice, a Thailand’s dessert that prepared using glutinous rice, coconut milk and of course, fresh mangoes. The restaurant has a special counter that specifically prepare this dessert. The taste of the dessert was just so-so too.


Som Tam RM15 (inclusive of GST)

Som Tam, a Thai’s dish that made from local fruits or vegetable, mainly unripe mangoes and cucumbers. It taste just right; not too sour and not too spicy.

Fried Bayam RM15 (inclusive of GST)

We also tried their Fried Bayam, one of their recommended dishes. It was crispy and the taste greatly resemble the taste of arrowroot crisp (AKA Nga Ku in Cantonese). It can be a good side dish to have on the table while enjoying the Toddy[1] .


Toddy RM15 (inclusive of GST)

Tips from 食 La Vie ; to reach the restaurant, you need to drive through a short distance of bumpy or roads with tiny rocks, so do not be afraid that you might be heading to the wrong direction. The recommended dishes here would be their Steamed Fish and Pakul Belacan. The price of the dishes here are relatively above average as compare to others.

食La Vie温馨小提示;在去这餐厅的路途中,你需要经过一段颠簸或充满小石头的马路,所以不要担心你是不是走错路了。这里的推荐料理是蒸鱼和Pakul Belacan。这里料理的价钱会比平常的餐厅高出些许。

[1] Toddy is an alcoholic drink that made from the sap of different kinds of palm trees. It usually is served in white colour and also known as Palm Wine. In Malaysia, we usually mixed Toddy together with Guinness.

【1】Toddy 是一道由不同种类的棕榈树汁酿制而成的酒精饮料。它通常是米白色也被称为棕榈酒。在马来西亚,我们会把Toddy和黑狗啤酒参在一起喝。

Menu of Veg Farm Thai Restaurant 1
Menu of Veg Farm Thai Restaurant 2
Menu of Veg Farm Thai Restaurant 3
Menu of Veg Farm Thai Restaurant 4

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