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Wantan Mee @ Kum Kee Chicken Rice Kuchai Lama

Wantan mee or AKA Dumpling Noodle is a dish not only famous in Hong Kong or Guang Zhou but also in Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are countless of stalls selling wantan mee but the one here definitely caught my attention and made me revisit the stall for more than 2 times in 1 month time.


Yeap, you did not read wrongly, this is a Wantan Mee post. We are here in Kum Kee Chicken Rice Shop for the Wantan Mee instead of any roasted rice.


A Hidden Gem in Kuchai Lama! 一个隐藏在 Kuchai Lama (旧古仔路)的美食!

Only operate from 6pm to 11pm, this wantan mee stall that has become an attention to the locals (kuchai lama’s citizens) and non-locals (PJ or Cheras’s citizens; which we are part of it).


What is the most important point when I am eating wantan mee is the kansui’s taste. Although it is safe for consumption, but, personally, the smell of it will ruin the whole plate of noodle. Of course, since I am referring to one of the Hidden Gems, the wantan mee here does not have any kansui taste/smell.


Char Siew Noodle 叉烧云吞面 RM7.00

The texture of the noodle is al-dante (due to crossing the cold river stream) and the dry version is served together with generous amount of lards.


Dumpling 水饺 Rm3.50

The dumpling here is just so-so. I prefer the one in Jalan Imbi (which I will write in the next post, so stay tuned 😉 )

水饺的味道只是还好,小编比较喜欢 Jalan Imbi 的云吞( 这将会出现在下一篇的帖文,所以敬请留意)


The wantan mee comes with either char siew or Smooth Poached Chicken. The char siew is rather decent to me. The second reason that made me revisit this shop is due to it’s Smooth Poached Chicken or AKA as Wat Gai (cantonese) .


Drumstick Noodle 鸡腿云吞面RM9.50

To enjoy the Wat Gai here, we recommend you to order the thigh or drumstick. The succulent meat is the best selling dish in this restaurant. The smoothness of the chicken literally can be slurp into your mouth. Without dipping into any additional soy sauce, the Wat Gai is tasty enough to be eaten like that.


Lemon Grass Ginger Tea (RM3.00)

Tips from 食 La Vie; try not to visit after 11pm because most of the ingredients will be finished by then. The drinks here is a bit pricey, which is why each time I visit here I would just ordered warm water. To be frank, this is so far the best wantan mee I have tried. I have visited this Hidden Gem for about 3 times and definitely will return again. (Disclaimer : This review post is definitely not paid to write.  The commentary and evaluation are the personal experience of several food enthusiasts with different criteria in food standard and only reflect their personal opinion regarding the taste of that food )

食 La Vie的贴士,最后不要在晚上11点之后光顾,因为大多数的食物都会卖完。这里的饮料有点贵,所以小编每次来都只是点叫温水。老实说,这里的云吞面对于小编现在来说是最好吃的。小编已经光顾了三次,相信以后也会常来。(再次声明:,所有对于食物的评估和评论纯属小编个人意见并没有接受商家任何形式上的赞助而给于评分。


Service isnt really good due to the slow response of the staff there

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