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Ipoh Hor Fun @ Restaurant Pau Kee Jalan Imbi

As promised, this week I am going to write on a post about the dumpling (wantan) that I love to eat. Located in Jalan Imbi, you can find this Restaurant Pau Kee that serves Ipoh Hor Fun. The owner of this restaurant was once selling at a stall many years ago in Tengkat Tong Shin and then they shifted to their own shop here.

根据上个星期的承诺,本周我将写一篇关于我最喜欢吃的云吞(wantan)。这间店位于Jalan Imbi,你可以找到这家Pau Kee Restaurant卖着怡保河粉(Ipoh Hor Fun)。以前,这家店原本只是在一个茶餐室里的其中一个小档口卖。多年后,他们搬到了一间属于自己的店面。

There are a few hot selling dishes or food in this kopitiam; Ipoh Hor Fun, Smooth Poached Chicken (Wat Gai), Ipoh Bean Sprout and also their Dumping (wantan).

这里有几样招牌菜或食物,那就是怡保河粉,香滑鸡(Wat Gai),怡保芽菜和他们的云吞(wantan)。

Ipoh Hor Fun RM6.50

The Hor Fun here is thinner as compare to the usual Hor Fun. It comes in 2 versions; dry and soup. The soup version has a clear sweet broth. Not to mention, the prawn’s fragrance of the soup further stimulate my appetite. For the dry version, I personally favor their’s soy sauce. It taste just right; not too salty. Made a good combination with the Hor Fun.

他们的河粉(Hor Fun)是比普通的河粉来得更细,更薄。总共有两种烹饪方式;干和汤。这里的清汤相当的清甜。更何况,他们的汤头使用了虾一起煮。那汤头香味刺激了我的胃口。我个人会比较喜欢吃干的河粉,因为他们的酱油调味得味道正好,不会太咸。让酱油和河粉变成了绝配。

Wat Gai RM6.00

Then, we also ordered their Smooth Poached Chicken (Wat Gai). Similar to the Kum Kee’s Wantan Mee, the Wat Gai here is really smooth and literally can be slurp into your mouth. Taste just nice without any sauce.

然后,我们也点了他们的香滑鸡(Wat Gai)。他们的滑鸡跟Kum Kee 云吞面的滑鸡很相似,也是顺口而入。就算没有任何酱,味道依然美味。

Wantan RM8.00

Next, the wantan here is the dish that I always will order when I am visiting here. You might be thinking ‘What so special of the wantan here?’. The wantan here is prepared with prawn’s filing instead of chicken or pork. Each of this wantan contains a juicy and tender springy prawn meat in it.


Tips from 食 La Vie; the parking here is limited. Most of the time I park my car by the roadside. Besides that, the utensils here are quite oily. During the few times I had visited, I had to wipe the chopsticks and spoons with tissues.

食La Vie的提示;这里的停车位有限。每次我都会把车停在路边。除此之外,这里的餐具都很油腻,我不得不用纸巾擦筷子和汤匙


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