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Hong Seng Chicken Rice @ Seksyen 17

Another roasted meat restaurant that worth paying attention to! If Sun Ming is the best Chicken Rice shop in Cheras area then Hong Seng should be the best one in PJ (Petaling Jaya).

这是另一家值得被关注的烧肉店! 如果说”Sun Ming” 是蕉赖区最好吃的鸡饭店,那么“Hong Seng” 就应该是PJ (Petaling Jaya)区的霸主。

Unlike the Sun Ming, customers that visit this restaurant will have to queue up front their stall be it for dining in or for taking away. The queue here is often drag until the next shop lot.

这里和“Sun Ming”不大一样,在这里的顾客无论是在内享用或是打包都必须在店门前排队。

There is no duck meat served here. What they have here are only Roasted Chicken, BBQ Pork Belly (Char Siew) and Roasted Pork (Siu Yok).


Char Siew Mix Roasted Chicken RM7.00

Personally for me, the Roasted Chicken is the best selling point here. The Roasted Chicken here is well known with its crispy roasted skin. Even though the skin is roasted almost to the perfection, the flesh underneath the roasted skin retains juicy and succulent. If I were to compare this Roasted Chicken with the one in Sun Ming, I would think the chicken here taste slightly better than Sun Ming’s one because Hong Seng’s chicken has a crispier skin than Sun Ming’s one! (Link for Sun Ming’s post is here)

对我个人而言,这家店的人气王非烧鸡莫属。这里的烧鸡的外皮不但烤得酥脆,肉质也保留了足够的水分,呈现出了鲜嫩多汁的感觉。如果拿这里的烧鸡和“Sun Ming”的来做比较, 我个人认为这家的烧鸡会比“Sun Ming” 的还要好吃一写, 这是因为“Hong Seng” 的烧鸡的外皮比“Sun Ming” 的还要酥脆!(“Sun Ming”Link

Char Siew Mix Roasted Chicken RM7.00

Next, the Char Siew. I visited here for a few times and noticed  that Hong Seng’s Char Siew meat is tender; the fat proportion of the meat is just nice. As compared to some other stalls outside, which there are some that serve 90% fats and only the remaining 10% of lean meat. Their Char Siew’s sauce is the most requested sauce in Hong Seng rather than their chili sauce.

接下来就是他们家的叉烧。我曾经拜访过这家店几次, 然后我发现“Hong Seng”的叉烧肉很柔嫩;它油脂的部分刚刚好。 和外面的几家店做出比较,你会发现外面的叉烧油脂占了90% 而肉的部分就只有那仅有的10%。他们家的叉烧酱比辣椒酱还要受欢迎。

Siu Yok Mix Roasted Chicken RM7.00

Siu Yok here is another best selling point in my opinion. The Siu Yok’s skin crispiness is comparable to a pork lard or a cracker’s crispiness. The texture is not rock hard nor too soft. The crispiness is just nice. Besides the crispiness of the Siu Yok’s skin, the most important factor of a Siu Yok is the saltiness. Some stalls that sell Siu Yok will make the it too salty which will ruin the taste of it. Hong Seng’s Siu Yok is just nice in regards of the saltiness.

这里的烧肉也是另一个卖点。那烧肉皮的脆度堪比猪油炸或是饼干了。不会太软或太硬,就是刚刚好。这里的烧肉除了脆口之外,它的咸味也是主要原因。有些店的烧肉会太咸而影响了它原有的美味。而”Hong Seng“的烧肉咸度就拿捏的刚刚好

Hot Sour Soup RM5.50

Lastly, I also managed to tried their Chai Buey / Chai Boey / Hot Sour Soup or Assam Vegetable. It is a dish where the mustard green is boiled in a pot together with the leftover of meats. To me, the Hot Sour Soup here is too spicy and lack of the meat flavor (probably due to the absence of duck) as compare to the one in Sun Ming. I still prefer Sun Ming’s Hot Sour Soup.

最后,我也尝试了他们家的菜脯/酸菜汤。这是一道由芥菜和剩肉一起熬煮而成的料理。对我来说,这里的酸菜汤有点太辣而且和”Sun Ming“ 的相比缺少了些些的肉味。我还是会推荐”Sun Ming“的酸菜汤。

Price: Drumstick Rice RM7.00, Mixed Roasted Rice RM7.00, Roasted Chicken (breast) RM6.50, Whole Chicken RM60.00

Tips from 食 La Vie, be patient in queuing, finding seats and parking as the Malay proverbs says; Di mana ada gula, di situ ada semut. Please do not visit the shop after 1PM. We tried once visiting the shop at 1.05PM and most of their meats are finished.

食 La Vie 温馨小提示,要有耐心在排队,找位置和泊车。就像马来同胞的谚语而言:哪里有糖,在那里就会有蚂蚁。不要再下午一时后去那家店,因为我们曾经在下午一时零五分拜访此店,发现大多数的肉已经卖完了。

Disclaimer : This is not a post paid to write by any party, ie Sun Ming or Hong Seng. Just a write-up of personal comments. Thank you.

Ambiance’s point is low due to the crowd at the restaurant, humid and warm temperature and we often have to share table with others.

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