RM25 Korean BBQ@ Zen Korean BBQ Ampang Korean Village

Eat all you can! BBQ Pork just for RM25!

无限任吃BBQ 猪肉只需RM25!!

Korean customers is not a rare thing here 在这里遇见韩国顾客并不是一个出奇的事情

In Malaysia, due to the influence from Korean, Korean food / OPPA has become something popular among ladies. So, if you are having a date tonight, its time to do your homework (smirk) .


Zen Korean BBQ is an affordable Korean BBQ Restaurant located above Shin Sun Mi Korean Supermarket in Ampang, or better known as the Korean Village.

Zen Korean BBQ位于Ampang 韩国村/Korean Village的Shin Sun Mi Korean Supermarket上面,是一间价廉物美的韩国烧烤店。

In this restaurant, you can either choose to go for their buffet or ala-cart. For a glutton like me,  I would definitely go for the buffet which they only charge RM25.00 per pax. You can eat all you can without any time limit!


So what is included in this RM25? You will get unlimited supply of Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly), lettuce, a plate of Buchimgae (Korean Pancake), a set of refillable banchan (Korean side dishes) and a bowl of Kimchi Soup. Everything is refillable except for the drinks, which will be charged separately.

RM25的自助餐里包括了Samgyeopsal (五花肉) ,生菜,Buchimgae (韩国煎饼),Banchan(韩国小菜)和Kimchi Soup(泡菜汤)。所有食物都是无限提供,只是饮料会另外收费。

As the normal Korean restaurants, the side dishes here consists of salad, prickle, black beans, long beans, kimchi, some vege and bean sprout. Unfortunately, it does not serve the fried anchovies that I personally favored.


Among the side dishes here, I like the salad the most. It taste really refreshing especially after you are eating lots of meats. Besides that, the Black Beans was like rock hard, which did not really gave me a good impression on that particular side dish. Kimchi was a tad spicy. Pancake was ok. Try heat up the pancake for a crispier texture!


Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) is what I am here for. Refillable fresh Pork Belly just for RM25! The cheapest buffet I have had before! The pork belly here is not marinated nor seasoned. (probably a little) The tenderness of the pork belly depends on how long you want to cook it. Just two cents from me, charred meat does not necessarily mean the meat is cooked thoroughly. It might due to the too much heat in a spot. So, this will test your grilling skill here.

Samgyeopsal (五花肉) 是吸引小编来到的重点。无限供应的五花肉只需RM25!!这是小编吃过最便宜的自助餐!这里的五花肉并没有经过特别的腌制(可能只有一点),肉质的口感在于顾客烧烤时间的长短和技巧。小编给点建议,带点焦不代表一定熟,因为有时火太大造成表面烤焦但是肉却没有熟透,所以控制火候才是关键。

Tips from 食 La Vie, only cut the meat when its cook to prevent the meat dry up  and also saving the steps of flipping the small chunks of meat for a few times. Ventilation is a bit poor here as there is no ventilation fan here. The staff here are not really good in English so be prepared with some Korean words if possible. Be patient in finding parking as it is limited in this area too. Lastly, there is no GST charge here. However, there will be a 6% service charge here if you are paying with card, so bring cash!

食La Vie的贴士,烧烤肉时应该是一大块下去烤而不是先剪小块再去烧烤,因为这样会让肉在烧烤期间水分流失造成肉质干并且不鲜美。并且,烧烤完毕后再剪小块进食,不止可以保持肉质多汁鲜美也可以节省步骤不需要剪了再剪。这里的通风系统不太完善,会有点闷热。而且,这里的员工英文不太好,所以需要时间沟通。之后,众所周知,韩国村里的停车位并不多,所以给点耐心。最后,这里并没有GST收费,但是刷卡会收费6%,所以记得带现金,因为十分重要所以再说三次。记得带现金!记得带现金!记得带现金!

Nice ambiance for photo taking 一个拍照的好去处


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