Teh Beng Madu @ Restoran Sue Kamilah Bangi Seksyen 7

After reading a post of Miera, I had decided to pay a visit to this special Teh Beng Madu located in Bangi’s Restaurant Sue Kamilah.

在读了Miera的一篇文章后,我决定拜访位于Bangi特别的Teh Beng Madu。

Is it me or the name of this restaurant is kinda unique…


Teh Beng Madu carries the meaning of Ice Tea with Honey. Its a mixture of Cantonese and Malay words. Teh = Malay (means tea), Beng = Cantonese (means Ice) and Madu = Malay (means honey). It kinda symbolized the unity of Malaysians.

Teh Beng Madu意味着蜂蜜冰茶。它的取名是由广东话和马来语组成的。 Teh =马来语(茶),Beng =粤语(冰),Madu =马来语(蜂蜜)。它象征着马来西亚人的团结。

What is so special about this drink is the overflowing and overwhelming foam. We took a sip on the foam and found out that it tasted like honey. Other than this, it is just a normal tea with lots of honey in it.

It taste a little too sweet for me and its RM4.00 per glass, which is quite overpriced from my perspective.




Tips from 食 La Vie, be patient in finding parking as the parking here is limited. Make sure you pay for your parking ticket/coupon before going for your Teh Beng Madu.

食La Vie的提示,必须耐心寻找停车位,因为这里的停车位有限。请确保你在购买Teh Beng Madu之前支付停车票/优惠券。








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