The Daily Fix Cafe @ Melaka

Daily Fix Cafe is a heritage-decorated unique cafe that gives off a cozy feeling when I was there. Daily Fix Cafe is a bit ‘shy’ as it is located behind a souvenir shop with the name of Next KK.

Daily Fix Cafe是一间传统设计装潢的咖啡馆,它让我有一种愜意的的感觉。这家咖啡馆有点害羞,它躲在一家名叫Next KK的手信店后面。

Antiques , old kitchen wear, old apparatus 古董,旧厨房用具,就仪器

Brunch and Lunch courses are serve in Daily Fix Cafe here too but we are here for their dessert only.


Daily Fix Cafe is well-known for their pancakes. We wanted to order their best seller; Local Pandan Pancakes but unfortunately it was sold out. We went with Espresso Pancake Stacks and Chocolate Chip Pancake.

Daily Fix Cafe因为它的烤煎饼而闻名。我们原本想试它们的热卖产品;Local Pandan Pancakes,但是很不幸的是它卖完了。所以我们就只好尝试它们家的Espresso Pancake Stacks和Chocolate Chip Pancake。

Espresso Pancake Stacks RM15.00

Espresso Pancake Stacks serves with one scoop of vanila ice cream and double shots of espresso. As the name indicate, the Pancakes are being stacks in the jar where the customer can pour (pour sounds inappropriate tho) the espresso into the Pancakes. Although this dish is an artistic piece of artwork that you may POTD for it, but take note that in the meantime, the pancake will get soaked up and become soft and mushy.

Espresso Pancake Stacks有着一颗香草冰淇淋及两发的浓缩咖啡在上面。就像它的名字所述,那堆烤煎饼就放在一个小碗里,而客人就可以依照个人喜好的把那浓缩咖啡倒(倒这字好像用得不是很恰当)进碗里。虽然这盘食物看起来就像一幅可以让你拍很多美丽照片的艺术品,但是请注意在这同时,这烤煎饼将会被浸湿透而变得柔软且麝香。

Chocolate Chip Pancake RM13.90

Chocolate Chip Pancake was just so-so. On their menu it stated “comes with generous amount of chocolate chips”, but personally to me, it was not generous at all.

Chocolate Chip Pancake就显得比较普通。在它们的菜单上写着”有着大量的巧克力”,但是以我个人而言,它一点也不大量。

Thick and Fluffy Local Pandan Pancake RM13.90

(Revisit recently for their Local Pandan Pancake as we missed out last time) The Local Pandan Pancakes made from pandan leaves extract is serve with caramelized coconut and Gula Melaka. The pancakes has a crispy outer layer, and Gula Melaka filing on the inside. It taste a little plain to me.

(最近又再回去品尝我们上次没有尝试到的Local Pandan Pancake)这Local Pandan Pancake的主要材料就是pandan汁,同时他们会附上焦椰糖及马六甲糖。这烤煎饼有着酥脆的外皮,加上它浓浓的马六甲糖在里头。但是对我来说它的味道有一点单调。

Tips from 食 La Vie, DO NOT, DO NOT visit during peak hour as u might need to wait up to 2 hours for food to serve to you. Especially weekends. During rainy days, customers will tend to stay longer in the cafe and you will not get your seats that soon. Parking is hard to find too as it is located at the Jonker Street.

食 La Vie温馨小提示, 千万!千万!千万! (因为很重要所以要说三遍) 不要在繁忙的时段去这家咖啡馆,因为你可能要等上两个小时。特别是周末。如果是下雨天,客人们会选择坐久一些,而你就不会那么快的到你的位子。你也会发现很难泊车,因为它位于Jonker Street.

  • Operating Hour: Monday – Friday 9AM to 11PM, Weekend 8.30AM to 11PM
  • Address55, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka. (Waze: Daily Fix Cafe. Along Jonker Street.)
  • Contact Number : 013-9810313

The Daily Fix Cafe’s Menu / 菜单


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