Vegetarian Oyster Omelette @ Yang Sheng Vegetarian Restaurant 养生 Melaka

While Oyster Omelette is all around Melaka, do you know that there is a vegetarian restaurant that serve Vegetarian Oyster Omelette? Not to mention that this Vegetarian Oyster Omelette taste exactly like Oyster Omelette, some even claimed it taste better than the real one.


Restaurant Yang Sheng is a vegetarian restaurant in Melaka that favored by the locals. To be honest, this is the first time I have witnessed a vegetarian restaurant that is packed with customers.

Restaurant Yang Sheng(养生素食馆)位于马六甲,是一间道地人赞不绝口的素食馆。老实说,这是小编第一次看见素食馆会有那么多顾客。

Almost 90% of the customers that visit Yang Sheng is here for their Vegetarian Oyster Omelette; a simple dish made from eggs and mushroom.


Large Vegetarian Oyster Omelette RM10

With the strong wok thermal radiation, the Omelette fragrance would struck our nose from afar. We paid for RM10 just for a large plate of Oyster Omelette, which is really attractive to me. Paired with their chili thai sauce, the Oyster Omelette made a good side dish to be eaten with rice.


How is the taste? Just like the normal Omelette, its soft and a bit crispy. The mushroom could replace the texture of Oysters but anyhow, to me it still feels like short of something without the presence of oyster.


Besides the Oyster Omelette, I have noticed that quite a lot of the customers also ordered their Fried Rice. But our Melaka’s Captain here always visit this restaurant just for its Oyster Omelette. You might want to visit here if you are a person who practiced vegetarianism 😉



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