Restaurant Haji Samuri @ Kajang

Getting off at Stadium Kajang’s MRT Station (the second last station of MRT Sg. Buloh-Kajang line), you will see the most popular restaurant that serves satay right in front of you. We went there during the weekend 11 in the morning and customers were starting to fill up the restaurant.

从加影体育场的轻快铁站出来(Sg. Buloh-Kajang 路线的最后第二站),你将会看到当地最有名的沙爹餐馆就在你的面前。我们在早上11时到哪儿,然后发现陆陆续续的客人把餐馆填满。

Note down your table number and proceed to the counter to make your orders.


After 15 minutes, the satay was served. To me, the best selling point of Hj Samuri’s satay is their thick and crunchy peanut sauce. The meat was just fine. They were not hot, probably due to bulk grilling that result in the dissatisfaction.


Tips from 食 La Vie: parking is limited due to the MRT Station. You can park in the restaurant’s parking lot (it’s not free ofc). Remember your table number before you make your orders at the counter.

食 La Vie 馨小提示:因为轻快铁的关系,停车位子很少。你可以把你的车停泊在餐馆的停车场(当然这不是免费的)。还没有去柜台点单时,请记得你的桌号。

Will I return? hmm.. probably. 我还会再拜访吗?额。。可能吧。

there is also air conditioned room for you to dine in. 你能在他们的冷气房里食用他们的沙爹
  • Operating Hour: Everyday 11AM to 12AM, Friday 4PM to 12AM
  • Address: Jalan Hishammuddin, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. (Waze: Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri)
  • Price : Lamb RM1.60/stick, Chicken and Beef RM0.90/stick and Rice Ketupat (rm0.70/piece) *The price is exclusive of GST*



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