Willy Satay @ Ramal Food Junction Kajang

Willy Satay which has being labelled as the main competitor to Haji Samuri‘s satay, is blessed with strategic location (located right beside the Kajang SILK highway). Willy satay is often packed with customers especially during the peaked hours.

Willy Satay 被标签为Haji Samuri’s satay 的头号竞争者,全因它的地理位置(位于加影SILK大道的旁边)。Willy Satay经常被大量的顾客包围,特别是繁忙时段。

Menu Willy Satay

Just like Haji Samuri’s, note down your table number and proceed to the counter to place your orders. We went to Willy Satay in the noon about 3PM and we were lucky that there were just a few customers. Despite the small number of customers, we still waited for 15-20 minutes.

就好像Haji Samuri’s一般,记下你的桌号然后就去柜台点单。我们大约在下午3时拜访Willy Satay, 而幸运的只有几桌客人。虽然只有少数的客人,但是我们也等上了15到20分钟。

We only ordered chicken and beef as their best-seller; lamb has already been sold out. Ran out of food luck =(


ey-coated satay were freshly grilled (grill upon your orders) as each stick of the satay is still warm. The sweet honey taste on the tender meat creates a good harmony between them even without dipping into their warm peanut sauce.


Although the meats are a bit charred, but overall, I still prefer Willy Satay among all the satay restaurants in Kajang. Would definitely visit Willy Satay again when I craved for Satay.

虽然那肉有点烧焦了,但整体来说,相比加影全部的沙爹店,我还是比较喜欢Willy Satay。

Tips from 食 La Vie; parking here is very limited and long waiting time is not new to the customers especially when its during the peak hours. The ambiance of the food court here is not as pleasant as we thought of. The stagnant hot air caused us to be sweating and if there are more fans will be better.

食 La Vie温馨小提示; 这里的停车位很少,以及它的等待时间长对于一些熟客来说已经不是一个新鲜事,特别是繁忙时段


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