Review : Restoran Sinki 成記海鮮飯店 @Dengki

Who said that there is no nice Chinese cuisine nearby Cyberjaya or Putrajaya? Head over to Restaurant Sinki that is located in Dengkil, approximately 10km from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

谁说在Cyberjaya和Putrajaya找不到好吃的华人食物?距离Cyberjaya和Putrajaya 约10KM位于Dengkil里的这间Restaurant Sinki(成记海鲜饭店)可以满足你的追求。

When you are going to a restaurant to dine in, its essential to pay notice of what is the specialty of the restaurant by giving a quick glance through the dishes on each of the table. (Please dont stare too long as it will gives a discomfort feeling to the customers LOL).


I have noticed that each of the table in the restaurant has this Chili Fish dish on it since the first table until the last table of the restaurant! (No kidding as the dish is in red color so its very obvious)


Chili Fish 辣椒鱼 RM45.00

The Red Snapper has been deep fried, paired with bean paste and bird eye chilies. Although the dish’s name is called Chili Fish, not only it is not very spicy but it actually taste a tad sweet.


The Red Snapper is very fresh. It is quite obvious as this dish is the main selling dish in the restaurant, constant resupply of fresh fish is occurring everyday. The sauce salty and a tad spicy, a good companion to be eaten with white rice. I also noticed that there are customers who just ordered 2 Chili Fishes and eat them with white rice.


Steamed Kampung Chicken 白斩乡村鸡 RM24.00

Next up is their recommended Steamed Kampung Chicken. Kampung Chicken / Village Chicken is Free-range livestock where they are not confined in the cage 24/7 but allowed to be roaming around the farm. The fresh chicken comes with a special sauce that you must definitely try if you are visiting.


The homemade sauce taste sweet and a tad salty at the same time. We only managed to taste a few substance of the sauce; soy sauce, garlic oil, fried onion and honey. The others we will leave them to you to find out . Some might think that this homemade sauce is too oily but YOLO!


Pork Ribs 排骨 RM30.00

The pork rib is nothing special. It taste a tad salty to me. We nearly did not finish it.


Homemade Fishball Taufu and Vegetable 自制鱼蛋豆腐菜 RM9.00

Another recommended dish of theirs is Homemade Fishball Taufu and Vegetable. This dish has nothing special to us too.


Approximately RM128.00 (inclusive of GST) for the dishes, drinks and rice.

Tips from 食 La Vie; the parking for Restaurant Sinki is limited as it is located by the roadside. Operating hours of the restaurant is until clock 2030 only. Do come early if you are dining in for dinner.

食 La Vie贴士,因为这里在大马路旁所以停车位有限。还有这里的营业时间只是到晚上8.30。所以如果你们想来这里吃晚餐,必须早一点来。




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