Review : Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant 大只蒸鱼头@ Cheras

Recently, I had visited this Big Guy Steam Fish restaurant located in Balakong. Big Guy Steam Fish is situated right off the main road side, under a big tree. (probably that is how the owner name his restaurant)

最近我拜访了这家位于Balakong的大只蒸鱼头. 在还没有拜访这家餐厅时, 我有尝试搜寻关于这家的资料, 但是都毫无收获。这家餐厅位于主要公路旁的大树下。(可能店主就是这样命名他的餐厅)

I came here during the dinner time. As expected, there were a lot of customers. Waited for 15 minutes before getting a table and proceed with the ordering.


Menu 菜单

Introduced by the waitress who was taking my order, the steam Ling Fish Head and Steam Song Fish Head here are their recommended dishes. (The last time I ate a taste Ling Fish Head was at this Fish Head Noodle shop that sells only Sea Fishes’ Head.)

某位帮我点单的服务员介绍了我一定要尝试他们推荐的蒸鲶鱼头和松鱼头。(距离我上次尝试鲶鱼头是在只卖海鱼头的Fish Head Noodle店

Menu 2 菜单 2

Ling fish head left a deep impression to me as the meat of a fresh Ling Fish is not only firm but also juicy succulent. However, Song Fish Head is something that I would like to avoid UNLESS the size of the head is big. I have tried a small Song Fish Head where the restaurant serve along 1/3 of the fish’s body. The downside of a small Song Fish Head is it has hundreds of tiny bones in it and therefore, I would avoid this fish unless its has a really big head.

鲶鱼头给我留下了一个强烈的影响,它不但肉嫩多汁还很结实。然而, 我个人比较不喜欢吃松鱼头,除非头部很大。我曾经尝试过小只的松鱼头,碟子上只摆了鱼体体型的1/3。小松鱼头的缺点是它充满了小骨头,除非它的头很大,否则我不会点这条鱼。

Steam Song Fish Head with Fish Belly RM43.00


Big Guy’s steam Ling Fish Head did not disappoint me. Both of the fish heads was really fresh without any fishy smell. I reckon that the constant supply (just like the Chili Fish) of fish heads to this restaurant must be the main reason why they are so fresh.

Big Guys的蒸鲶鱼头并没有让我失望。两只鱼头都很新鲜,没有任何腥味。我认为这家餐厅的鱼头应该每天都有供应(就像辣椒鱼)造成他们的鱼头如此的新鲜 , 绝对适合就像我这样的鱼肉爱好者。

Steam Ling Fish Head + Fish Belly + Fish Maw RM53.00

Ling Fish Head was prepared with the traditional steam method with some ginger, garlic, soy sauce and bird eye chilies while Song Fish Head was prepared with Bean Paste Sauce.


Song Fish Head

If I were to choose between the Ling and Song Fish Head, I would prefer the former one. The latter one’s has plenty of tiny bones in it and we had to eat it carefully. Fish Belly was tasteless but it has a springy and firm texture. Personally the fish maw here is tasty. Dip the maw with their sauce, it is like eating a dry version of sea cucumber with the nice fragrance of ginger-garlic mixed soy sauce.



Bak Kut Teh RM12

Bak Kut Teh was just so so only. Personally I still prefer the one from Kajang’s.


Steam Meatloaf RM13

Steam meat-loaf was just fine and its not too salty.


Fat and juicy bean sprouts RM11.

Tips from 食 La Vie; there are limited parking spaces here. There will be crowd during the peak hours too so be patient while waiting. On the other side, the serving speed of Big Guy is really fast despite his size (pun intended), so be patient while you wait for your turn.

食 La Vie温馨小提示; 那里也是有限的停车位。在繁忙时段也会特别拥挤, 所以要耐心等候。除此之外, 虽然大只的体型很大 (双关语意), 但是他的出菜速度真的很快, 所以要耐心等待轮到你的时候。


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