Review : Star Place BBQ @ C180

RM30 eat all you can! Unlimited flow of pork, chicken, beef and squid! Such an interesting phrase isnt it? That’s the same thought that struck my mind when my friends asked me to try it out as the price of the Korean BBQ Buffet is quite cheap after Zen’s.


I went there during the weekend, dinner hours and as expected, we had to queue for it as it was packed. The floor and utensils of the restaurant was oily. Smoke resulted from the meat grilling on the scorching hot charcoals was not properly ventilated.  The staff of the restaurant is moving around and shouting could be heard here and there. It gave off an uneasy feeling to dine in.’


After we got ourselves a table, we ordered each one of the meat from the menu and tried them out. Starting with chicken, personally, I feel that the chicken meat here is the best as compared to other types of meat. The chicken was marinated just right and it taste quite similar to the mamak’s tandoori chicken. The downside of cooking the chicken meat is we have to cook it extra long to ensure the raw part is truly cooked.

当小编找到桌子后,点叫了每种肉尝试。首先,鸡肉。小编个人觉得,这里的鸡肉是最好吃。鸡肉腌制的恰恰好和味道有点像嘛嘛档的“tandoori chicken”。烧烤鸡肉的缺点就是我们需要更长的时间来确保鸡肉是熟透。

Top Left; Chicken meat, Top Right: Spicy Pork, Bottom Left; squid, Bottom Right: Lamb.

Besides that, the beef and lamb was too salty for us. We had to take it with rice and lettuce. Pork was also a tad salty as compared to beef and lamb. However, the squid was totally opposite. After grilling on the charcoal, it taste almost tasteless. Frankly speaking, we were quite disappointed with the taste of the food.


Just like other Korean restaurant, Star Place Bbq does provide refillable side dishes; salad, kimchi, pancake, kimchi soup and etc. The pancake here taste better than Zen’s one. It tastes just right, not too salty or tasteless, with the crispy texture of it, we ate 3 plates of the pancake.

就像其他韩国烧烤店,Star Place Bbq也有无限提供小菜,沙拉,泡菜,韩国煎饼,泡菜汤等等。这里的韩国煎饼会比Zen来的更好吃,味道适中,不会太咸也不会太谈,小编足足点叫了三碟。

The hardworking staff will constantly change your grilling aluminium after it got charred. We also ordered 3 bottles of mineral water to be shared among 4 people. RM2 for each large mineral water. Lastly, Free dessert! Ice-creams are also available right beside the cashier. Lime, chocolate and vanilla for you to pick.


One distinctive thing I can noticed from Star Place and Zen is; most of Star Place’s customers are Chinese while Zen has Korean regular customers time to time. One might say that the location of these restaurants contribute to the result of the type of customers visiting, or probably due to the taste of the food. I will leave that for you to judge.

Star Place and Zen的不同之处就是,Star Place的顾客群是华人居多,然而Zen的顾客群偏向韩国人居多。可能是因为地方的关系或者食物的品质,小编留给大家找出。

Tips from 食 La Vie, make a reservation before visiting the restaurant as there will be limited space. Contact number is provided below. If you are a student, bring along your student ID as you can get a RM5 discount which means you will pay for RM25 for eat all you can! (if you can sustain without drinking anything which I couldn’t as the meat was too salty)

食 La Vie贴士,最好是预留位置因为这里的位置有限。如果你是学生,记得携带你们的学生卡,因为你们可以享有RM5的折扣,所以你只需要付区区的RM25就可以吃到你“饱”,是不是很“得吃”叻!



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