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Review : Neighbour’s Coffee Bar @ Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur

FUWA FUWA! In Japanese, Fuwa brings the meaning of cute, light and fluffy thing. That is how the well is the description of Neighbour’s Coffee Bar’s signature dessert; Fuwa Fuwa Pancake!

FUWA!FUWA! 在日语的意思是可爱,蓬松。这正正描述了Neighbour’s Coffee Bar’s的招牌点心;Fuwa Fuwa Pancake(松饼) !

I am sure most of you have came across pancakes in Insta or FB time to time especially the very famous pancake in Melaka. You do not need to travel until Melaka for pancake now because there is another Cafe that serves a very fluffy pancake in Kuala Lumpur.


Croissant Sandwich Rm16Croissant Sandwich – a dish where scramble egg is served between the crispy croissant. Crispy and slight crunchy on the outside, soft and mellow in the inside. Mayonnaise is spread along the half divided croissant. However, the scramble egg is just so-so only. Personally, it does not worth RM16.

Croissant Sandwich- 一道由牛角包夹配炒蛋的面包料理。外酥内软,外皮酥脆的口感,内陷醇厚柔软,美乃滋酱均匀的洒在牛角包的里。小编认为炒蛋的味道只是还好,并不值得RM16这个价钱。

Signature Dessert : Original Fuwa Fuwa Pancake – fluffy and soft fresh pancake that served based on the order of customers (not pre-prepared so be patient while waiting). Fuwa Fuwa Pancake resembles cotton candy as much as the texture of it could melt once you place it in your mouth.

招牌点心- Fuwa Fuwa Pancake- 蓬松和入口即化的口感并且都是现点现做(因为不是事先准备所以请耐心等待)。Fuwa Fuwa Pancake的口感可比吃棉花糖,只能说入口即化。店家温馨的将糖浆放在小杯里,好让顾客可以自行调配Pancake的甜度。与马六甲的Pandan Pancake 不同之处是Fuwa Fuwa Pancake有着很浓郁的蛋香味,而且份量也很大,建议分享食用。

Syrup is prepared in a tiny cup for you to control the sugar level of the pancake. Fuwa Fuwa Pancake has strong egg fragrance which is different from the Pandan Pancake in Melaka. The portion of this signature dessert is quite large and recommended for sharing.

店家温馨的将糖浆放在小杯里,好让顾客可以自行调配Pancake的甜度。与马六甲的Pandan Pancake 不同之处是Fuwa Fuwa Pancake有着很浓郁的蛋香味,而且份量也很大,建议分享食用。

Menu 1Menu 2There is no GST or Service Tax that they are charging here.


Tips from 食 La Vie; make your order and pay at the counter before your food is serve. On weekends, parking is just RM2 per entry so rest assured that you can spend as long as you wish at there. Recommended to visit the cafe on weekdays instead weekends due to the noisy ambiance when there are a lot customers. You could not read your novel or do your things at peace.

食 La Vie贴士,这里采取的点餐模式是自助,先付费。周末时,这里的泊车费只是区区的RM2所以你可以尽情的享受美食。小编建议大家选择周日光临因为顾客相对来说比较少所以十分适合喜欢舒适宁静的朋友。


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