Review : Thai-In Mookata @ Wangsa Maju Desa Setapak


I am sure any TARUC student or working adults that are living in Wangsa Maju’s area is aware of this restaurant call Thai-In Mookata. As the name indicates, its a Thai-based steamboat + BBQ style of dining which is pretty common recently.

我相信任何在 Wangsa Maju 地区生活的TARUC学生或成年人都会意识到这家餐厅叫 Thai-In Mookata。正如其名,它是一种泰式火锅+烧烤风格的餐饮,最近都很常见。

Thai-In is located in Wangsa Maju Desa Setapak, right at the roundabout. Conveniently, you can reach this restaurant walking distance within 5 minutes from LRT Wangsa Maju..

Thai-In 位于 Wangsa Maju Desa Setapak。从Wangsa Maju LRT站步行不到5分钟就会抵达这家餐厅。

Upon walking into the restaurant, we were being greeted by the staff politely. Due to the large and tall size of the Mookata Pot, the tables here are customized to be relatively lower in terms of height. Tall people might have slight difficulties / discomfort eating here.


Menu 1

Basically, Thai-In’s menu made up of Set A(RM38) and Set B(RM48). Both of these sets contain refillable Kangkung,Cabbage and Glass Noodle/Vermicelli while crab stick, fishball and japanese tofu are non-refillable. The main dish of these sets are their Signature Pork Slices. Set A (RM38) has 3 plates of pork slices while Set B (RM48) has 5 plates which make it more worth it if you go for Set B , extra 2 plates of pork slices that each worth RM9 ala cart (refer to the bottom right corner of Menu 1).

基本上,Thai-In的菜单有套餐A(RM38)和套餐B(RM48)。这两套包含可再添加的空心菜,包菜和冬粉,而蟹棒,鱼丸和日本豆腐不可再添加。这些套餐的主菜是他们的Signature Pork Slices。套餐A(RM38)有2碟猪肉切片,而套餐B(RM48)则有4碟猪肉切片,如果您选择套餐B,就会得到额外2碟猪肉切片,单点的话每碟是价值RM9(请参考菜单1的右下角)。

Trust me, this is the best BBQ pork I have tasted so far with such an affordable price. The grilled pork belly has an equal proportionate of fats. They were crispy and mouth-watering after grilled. However, I do not really favor the Black Pepper’s pork slice. You can request them to change it to their signature pork slice.


Besides the pork slices, you should visit this restaurant for its chili. To be frank, I am not a spicy food lover but this appetizing chili here is something that make me definitely will return again. The piquant yet addictive homemade chili is the best companion to be eaten with the glass noodle. Never miss out their chili if you were to visit here! 


As Mookata is a charcoal-based type of dining, the ambiance here will not be pleasing. The heat from the charcoal definitely will cause surrounding temperature to be warm.


Tips from 食 La Vie; do go for their large size of drink as it is more worth it. Be patient when you are looking for a parking and waiting for a table during the peak hour.

食La Vie的提示; 建议点大份的饮料,因为它比小份的饮料更值得。当您在高峰时间寻找停车位并等待桌子时,请耐心等待。



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