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Review: Shellout @ Dataran Sunway

Eating on a plate, in a polystyrene or even on a leaf is something common for us. However, have you tried eating on a table? Literally on a table, without any plates or utensils. Here in Shellout, you can experience that manner of dining with the fresh seafood of your choice, served on the table.… Continue reading Review: Shellout @ Dataran Sunway


Review : Prince Satay / Satay Putera @ Kajang

Kajang folks have already heard of this newly open Satay restaurant that goes by the name of Prince Satay also known as Satay Putera. There are some rumors among the old folks saying that this restaurant is formed after a boss of a big restaurant bought over Nyok Lan aka Restaurant Malaysia which subsequently closed… Continue reading Review : Prince Satay / Satay Putera @ Kajang

Petaling Jaya

Review : Annie 1 @ Damansara Utama Uptown

There are many stalls selling Wantan Mee in Malaysia but only a few that is must-try. First will be Kum Kee's Wantan Mee that serves smooth delicious poached chicken. Second is Nam Heong that serves caramelized tender char siew. You can go for the third one which is Annie1's wantan mee for a relatively lower… Continue reading Review : Annie 1 @ Damansara Utama Uptown