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Review : Annie 1 @ Damansara Utama Uptown

There are many stalls selling Wantan Mee in Malaysia but only a few that is must-try. First will be Kum Kee’s Wantan Mee that serves smooth delicious poached chicken. Second is Nam Heong that serves caramelized tender char siew. You can go for the third one which is Annie1’s wantan mee for a relatively lower price wantan mee as compare to Nam Heong.

在马来西亚有很多云吞面档, 但是只有几档是必试的。首先就是kum kee的顺滑水煮鸡肉云吞面。接着就是南香的焦糖软嫩叉烧。现在你可以去第三档云吞面, 那就是Annie1’s 云吞面。它有着比南香云吞面更低价的云吞面。

Wantan Mee with Char Siew RM8.00
Dumpling was just so so

Annie1 is well-known for its best Menglembu Wantan Mee and Coffee. During lunch hour, this restaurant will be swarmed with customers from nearby offices due to its low price yet delicious food.

Annie’s 最出名的就是Menglembu 云吞面和咖啡。 在午餐时间, 这餐馆就会聚集从附近办公楼的客人, 他们都是因为它便宜又好吃的食物而拜访的。

Just like the top notched wantan mee’s quality, the noodle here does not have any alkaline (kansui) taste and has al-dante texture. The char siew is crisply caramelized on the outer layer and tender in the inside. It is not too sweet and just nice. The downside in this restaurant is the portion is a tad small.

就像那些有着高等级的云吞面品质一样, 这里的面并没有碱水味。那叉烧有着脆口焦香的外皮和软嫩的肉。它不会太甜而是刚刚好。这家云吞面档的不好之处就是它的分量很少。

If i were to choose the best wantan mee I have tried so far would be Annie1’s and Kum Kee. Depends on whether I am going for smooth poached chicken or char siew.

如果要我选出我目前为止试过最好吃的云吞面, 我会选Annie1’s 和Kum Kee。只是看我想吃顺滑水煮鸡肉还是叉烧了。

White Coffee (RM3.80) and Barley Fu Chuk (RM3.80) which were so so only

Tips from 食 La Vie; park your car in Starling mall. I am sure you definitely will face difficulties getting yourself a parking here especially during peak lunch or dinner hours. I usually park in Starling mall B3, take the escalator to Level 1 and there is an exit between Daiso and ESH Electrical shop. After exiting there and take the escalator down, Annie 1 is right opposite you. Free parking if you spend less than 1 hour here!

食La Vie温馨小提示: 把你的车停泊在Starling Mall。我敢肯定你一定会觉得很困难找到停车位, 特别是在午餐或晚餐时段。我平常会停泊在Starling Mall的B3, 搭电梯去到一楼, 在那里会有个出口在Daiso和ESH Electrical Shop 之间。出去后请使用电扶梯,Annie1’s就在你的前方。免费停泊如果少过一小时。


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