Review : Prince Satay / Satay Putera @ Kajang

Kajang folks have already heard of this newly open Satay restaurant that goes by the name of Prince Satay also known as Satay Putera. There are some rumors among the old folks saying that this restaurant is formed after a boss of a big restaurant bought over Nyok Lan aka Restaurant Malaysia which subsequently closed it down.

Kajang的美食猎人应该都知道最近有一处新的美食出现,那就是Prince Satay / Satay Putera。有谣言说这是由一位老板将Nyok Lan aka Restaurant Malaysia收购后,新开的一间一间餐馆。

Prince Satay is located at the back alley in Kajang town. It is located strategically from Kajang Stadium MRT. Upon getting off the at the second last station, check out, and cross the bridge to the opposite instead of going down to Haji Samuri. After crossing the bridge and going down the escalator, you will find Prince Satay right opposite the bus stand.

Prince Satay位于Kajang town的后巷,靠近Kajang Stadium MRT 。你可以在最后第二个站下车后,不要走下去Haji Samuri,直接穿过桥到对面,然后沿着自动扶梯下去,在公车站的正对面,就可以找到Prince Satay。

The restaurant comprises of 3 dining area, indoor (without air-cond, a bit dusty and tables were not really clean), indoor (with air-cond and always packed with customers) and outdoor sections. One funny thing is the cashier is located at the back of the shop, which is the entrance you are looking at when you descended from Kajang Stadium MRT.

这里有三个用餐区,室内(没有空调,有点灰尘和桌子不是很干净),室内(有空调,却总是挤满了顾客)和一个室外用餐区。这里有趣的地方是收银员位于餐馆的后面,那就是你从Kajang Stadium MRT看到的入口。

Satay here is not bad. I would rate it slightly higher than Hj Samuri. The beef and lamb is slightly overcooked which make it kind of chewy. Overall they still taste good. What surprised me was their chicken satay. The chicken satay was grilled until very tender. It made me craved for more after the first stick.

这里的沙爹不错,小编觉得会比Hj Samuri的沙爹来的更好吃一点。牛肉和羊肉沙爹有点烤过头,造成有点耐嚼。整体来说,还是十分美味。使小编觉得惊讶的是,这里的鸡肉沙爹烤得非常好,肉质鲜嫩多汁,让小编吃了一支还想再吃。

Prince Satay has a unique way of serving the satay. The food was being placed on a lid with banana leave. Besides that, they also constantly serve hot sauce (in a cup which is quite unique) as they are cooking the sauce time to time to ensure the warm temperature of the sauce upon serving to the customers. A bowl of fresh onions and cucumber was served along too.

Prince Satay有自己一套独特的方式呈现它们的沙爹,沙爹摆放在一个铺着香蕉叶的盘子,也会附上一碗新鲜的洋葱和青瓜,之后服务员会一直提供煮热的酱汁(在一个十分独特的杯子)以确保顾客可以随时享用到热腾腾的酱汁,一个十分贴心的服务。

Downside of this restaurant? The price here is quite expensive. One stick of chicken satay costs you RM1.20, while beef and lamb is RM1.60 and RM1.80 respectively. A thailand coconut which just like a normal coconut cost you RM6.90.

Prince Satay不好的地方?那就是相对来说,价格有点贵。一串鸡肉沙爹需要RM1.20, 牛肉沙爹需要RM1.60而羊肉沙爹需要RM1.80。泰国香椰则是RM6.90。

Tips from 食 La Vie; be patient in finding parking as the parking here is very limited due to the location in town area. Seats in air-cond section is often full too due to the warm weather in Malaysia so feel free to sit at the outdoor section where you can enjoy the mural and some recycle items too.

食 La Vie贴士,这里的停车位有限,所以请耐心寻找。室内冷气用餐区常常会爆满,所以你可以选择室外,享受美食之余也可以同时欣赏壁画和一些回收手工艺品。

If I were to return again, I would just for the chicken as the price here is really pricy.  如果再回去我应该只点鸡肉沙爹,因为这里的价钱非常昂贵


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