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Review: Shellout @ Dataran Sunway

Eating on a plate, in a polystyrene or even on a leaf is something common for us. However, have you tried eating on a table? Literally on a table, without any plates or utensils. Here in Shellout, you can experience that manner of dining with the fresh seafood of your choice, served on the table.

在碗碟, 保利龙或者是叶子上吃食物已经是很平常的事情了。但是, 你有在桌子上吃过食物吗?没错, 就是在桌子上吃食物, 没有任何的碗碟或者是器具。这里就是Shellout,你可以体验到不一样的用餐经验, 享受着桌面上你所精心挑选的海鲜。

The seafood will be prepare in a bucket where they will be mixed up with the sauce and vegetable before serving them on the table. Shellout’s staffs are very friendly and ready to help you if you need any assistance. As there are no utensils provided to you, yu are provided with plastic glove to eat with hands .

那些海鲜还没有上菜前会和一些蔬菜及酱料放置在篮子里。Shellout的员工很友善, 也随时准备帮你若你有任何需求。因为那里没有提供任何的器具, 所以你会得到一对塑料手套来用手吃。

Shellout Menu

So, we ordered 500g prawns (RM59.91) , 250g scallops (RM24.46) , 300g baby octopus (RM24.46) , 8pcs of Green Mussels (RM34.46) and a whole broccoli (RM21.73) to be prepared with their recommended sauce, Shell Bang. All the prices above are not inclusive of GST and service charge.

所以,我们总共叫了500克的虾(RM59.91), 250克的扇贝(RM24.46),300克的八爪鱼(RM24.46),8片青耗(RM34.46)以及整束西兰花(RM21.73)配合他们推荐的酱料,Shell Bang。以上所有的价格都不包含消费税及服务费。

The scallops were too tiny. Just like the size of 5 cents coin. To be frank, I could not taste any Shell Bang’s sauce from the seafood. However for the broccoli, the taste of the sauce was well-mixed and it taste good.

那扇贝实在是太小了。就好像我们的五分钱银币那般小。凭良心来讲, 我在海鲜上完全品尝不到Shell Bang酱料的味道。但是那酱料在西兰花上很入味而且很好吃。

On the pricing side, the price we are paying for the food are slightly overpriced and I could not get full by eating there. What do you expect when you are having seafood at a restaurant. However, if I were to choose, I would prefer to eat at chinese’s seafood restaurant.

价格方面来说, 我个人觉得有点太贵而且没有饱足感。当你在餐馆吃海鲜时你还可以期待什么。但是如果让我选, 我会倾向于在华人海鲜餐馆里吃。

Tips from 食 La Vie; going for ala-cart and share among your friends will be more worth it as compare to the recommended sets. Be patient in finding parking as the parking here is very limited. Price of some selected seafood is seasonal so do check with the waiter/waitress before placing orders.

食La Vie温馨小提示: 单点然后和朋友们分享会更物超所值相比你点他们的推荐菜单。要有耐心的找停车位, 因为那里的停车位有限。一些特定海鲜的价格是跟着季节而变动, 所以点餐前请和服务员确认价钱。

Probably wont return to here anymore due to the overpriced, except there are some celebration or etc. 我应该不会再拜访这家餐馆, 因为实在是太贵了,除非是为了庆祝或其他事情。


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