Review: Tang House of Fishball @ Kajang

Douhua or also known as Tau Fu Fa, is a chinese desert that made out of soft tofu or soybean. It is usually served with sugar syrup. In Kajang, you can find one of the best tau fu fa in that area by visiting the Tang House of Fishball near Convent school Kajang.

豆花或者被广泛成为豆腐花, 是一种又软豆腐或大豆制作而成的华人甜点。它通常配合糖浆一起食用。在加影, 你可以在靠近Convent学校的Tang House of Fishball 找到那区最好吃的豆腐花。

Packed with customers

House of Fishball serving tau fu fa? Yes, you did not read that wrongly. A noodle restaurant is serving a delicious tau fu fa that you should not miss when you are in Kajang area.


Super soft taufufa RM3.50 that will jiggle on your spoon!

The tau fu fa here is very smooth. Not to mention that the softness of the tau fu fa allows you to slurp in the tau fu fa from the spoon. It is served in cold state with three different syrups; Sweet sugar, Brown sugar and Almond sugar. I personally prefer the Brown sugar matching. Almond sugar taste a tad weird for me.

这里的豆腐花实在是柔顺轻滑。不得不提的就是这豆腐花的柔软会让你出声的吃。它是冷的而且供你三种不同的糖浆选择: 白糖, 黑糖以及杏仁堂。我个人比较喜欢黑糖的搭配。杏仁糖的味道对我来说有点奇怪。

Re-emphasized by the owner no preservative
This is fried chee cheung fun, taste like fried kuew teow to be honest

Their recommended dish, Signature Mee Pok RM6.00. Comes with generous amount of minced pork and pork lards.

Whereas, their noodle was just fine to me. The restaurant practices free preservative thus the ingredients are fresh. The price is reasonable too.


Homemade Fishball

Tips from 食 La Vie; the parking here is limited and remember to pay for your parking ticket! Tang House of Fishball is equipped with air conditioner. You will be able to enjoy your meals without worrying of the ambiance. Another plus point! There is no GST or any charges imposed to you when dining here.

食 La Vie温馨小提示; 这里的停车位有限而且千万千万要记得付你的停车票!

There are other tang shui / dessert served here too
Black bean filling yum yum

I will return just for its tau fu fa in the future. 将来我一定会为了这豆腐花重返此店。


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