Review : Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang Melaka

Satay Celup is a dish common known in Melaka for dipping the raw or semi-cooked meat, seafood and vegetable into a pot of boiling satay’s gravy. This satay’s gravy is made from thick peanut paste, placed in a pot in the middle of the table and usually being reuse for the next customer.

小编相信大马人对于马六甲的Satay Celup(沙爹朱津) 并不觉得陌生,Satay 的意思是沙爹而Celup是浸泡,而这里Satay则是是将一串串的肉,蔬菜或海鲜浸泡在沸腾的沙爹酱汁里。沙爹酱汁是由花生煮成浓郁的酱汁,放在桌子中间的一个锅里,而酱汁通常都会循坏再用所以下一位客人可能会再一次用回。

Ban Lee Siang (“BLS”) is one of the famous restaurant that serve satay celup in Melaka, which is located right besides the Capitol restaurant. Reason why I went to BLS rather than Capitol is due to the recommendation of one of my local friend who has been living in Melaka for more than 20 years.

位于Capitol Restaurant右手边的 万里香(“BLS”)是其中一家在马六甲非常出名于Satay Celup的餐馆,小编选择万里香而不是Capitol Restaurant是因为一位在马六甲土生土长20年的朋友介绍而来。

To me, satay celup is quite an overrated food. The skewered meat or vegetable are placed on the trays or in the fridge. BLS practices self services where customers will walk around the restaurant to select their food from the trays and fridge.

对于小编,Satay Celup实在是一个名过其实的食物,店家采取自助模式,将所有食物串在木支摆放在冰箱,顾客可以随意走动选择他们要的食物。

The taste of the skewered meat and vegetable is just normal and not attractive to me at all. The sauce is constantly boiling which is a plus point for those that enjoyed eating peanut or satay’s sauce.


The lowest price and usually most of the skewered sticks are priced at RM1.10 unless you are going for seafood which will be higher price. There is one thing that I am not comfortable with is the sharing sauce practices. The sauce will not be replaced and reuse by the next customers which is a very serious point for those that takes hygiene’s issue heavily.


Tips from 食 La Vie; parking will be an issue during peak hour so be patient in finding one. Do not visit this restaurant if you are someone who is very concerned of hygiene issue. If you are someone who favor satay, we have a post of Kajang’s satay here.

食 La Vie贴士,停车位绝对是一个在用餐时段里面对的问题,所以请给点耐心。那些有洁癖的朋友们最后不要来,小编怕你们顶不住。那些沙爹的爱好者,也可以游览我们的Kajang’s satay

I would prefer not to visit this restaurant in the future unless there are some special occasion, and usually there will not have any, so it will not happen again. 小编将来也不大会再次光顾这里除非有什么特别的理由,而通常都不会有什么特别理由,所以应该不会再有下一次,


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