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Review : Boat Noodle @ Avenue K


When you speak of Boat Noodle, what comes into your mind? To me, I have this perception of not getting full unless I am spending  a large sum of money in this restaurant. This shows how big appetite of a person I am. On last weekend, I decided to give it a try at this restaurant due to a birthday celebration.

当你提到Boat Noodle时你会想到什么? 对我来说, 我会有一种概念就是吃不饱, 除非我花很多钱在这家餐馆。这显示了我是一位食量很大的人。就在上个周末我因为生日庆祝而决定了去那里尝试。

To those that do not know about Boat Noodle, Boat Noodle is a Thai-style noodle halal restaurant that served a small portion of noodle (usually one can gulp down in 1 to 2 gulps). This concept comes from Thailand where the merchant was selling noodle on the boat that he is paddling. The bowl was made small so that the noodle will not be spilled and easy to hand over to the customers on the land.

对于那些不懂Boat Noodle的人来说, 其实它是一家泰式面馆, 而它们面的份量都很少(通常一两口就吃得完了)。这概念其实是来之于泰国的小贩在船上卖面而那小贩站在水里。那碗之所以这么小是因为不容易倒翻之余还容易传递给陆地上的顾客们。

For beginners, there is an “Order Guide” on the menu that recommends you to order 4 bowls of noodles in the first round to have a taste of them first before proceed with ordering on the second or third round. Each bowl of noodle here cost RM1.99. So 4 bowls will be RM7.96 which is quite pricy to me as I could get a filling meal with that price I am paying.

对于初学者来说, 在菜单上有个”点单说明”推荐你先点4碗面来尝试它面的味道后才再追加点单。每碗面的价钱是RM1.99, 所以4碗面就会是RM7.96, 而对于我来说这有点太贵, 因为以同样的价钱我可以得到更满足的食物。


Few years ago, Boat Noodle started off with 2 flavors’ broth, and recently they have added 2 additional broths; Prosperity Yum and Prikthai Power. Below is the brief description of the 4 flavors of broths;

Ayutthaya – A creamy dark broth that made from not less than 10 spices and comes with a mild spicy taste. (Sour + Mild Spicy)

Pathumthani – A dark soy derived soy that made from 19 different spices. (Sour)

Prosperity Yum – A Tom Yum based broth that comes with appetizing parsley and crispy wantan’s skin. (Sour + Mild spicy)

Prikthai Power- A clear broth that blended with herbs and spices which comes with a piece of beef or chicken and 0.25 egg. (Plain broth nothing special)

To me, I would prefer to go with Prosperity Yum as compared to the other 4 flavors. Two types of noodles available for selection ; Rice Noodle or Springy Noodle (similar to Maggie) and to be pair with either Chicken or Beef.

几年前, Boat Noodle只是提供两种不同口味的汤汁, 而最近它们又新加了两种口味; Prosperity Yum 和Prikthai Power。接下来就是这4种口味的简单说明:

Ayutthaya-由至少10种调味料而成的浓稠黑肉汤, 吃起来时有点辛辣味(酸+微辣)

Pathumthani – 这黑豆肉汁是由豆和19中不同调味料衍生出来的。(酸)

Prosperity Yum – 东炎汤汁及开胃的香菜和酥脆云吞皮。(酸+微辣)

Prikthai Power- 混合了香料及调味料的清汤和一片牛肉或鸡肉以及四分之一的蛋。(就只是清汤没什么特别)

对我来说, 这四种口味里我会比较喜欢Prosperity Yum。 有两种面供你选择: Rice Noodle 或者是Springy Noodle (和快熟面差不多), 你还可以选要牛肉或鸡肉。

Crispy Fried Popeye Tempura RM7.50

We also ordered their Crunchy Thai Popeye’s Tempura (RM7.50) which was freshly prepared that comes with appetizing sauce. As the name indicated; Popeye’s Tempura is made from Spinach. An interesting name indeed. This dish is best to be consumed while its fresh or else the crispiness will fade away.

我们也叫了它们的Chunchy Thai Popeye’s Tempura(RM6.50), 非常的新鲜而且它的酱也非常开胃。正如它的名字, Popeye’s Tempura 是由菠菜制成。蛮有趣的名字。 这道料理最好是在它还新鲜时享用不然它的脆度就会没有了。

Coconut Blended RM9.00

Upon hearing good comments on the Coconut Blended (RM9.50), we decided to give it a try which led to disappointment. The drink was too plain. All we could taste was just ice and tiny bit of coconut flesh. I would choose Melaka Klebang or Broga Coconut milkshake which taste better and cheaper as compared to the coconut blended here.

就在我们听到Coconut Blended(RM9.50)的好评后, 我们决定给它的尝试, 但是大失所望。 这饮料太淡了。 我们所能尝试到的就只是冰和一点点的椰肉。我会选择Melaka Klebang 或Broga 的Coconut milkshake, 因为相比之下味道更好而且便宜。

Tips from 食 La Vie; Serving speed is very long here. One mistake we made here were to order 4 bowls of different flavors first during the first round. Once we have decided which flavor is suitable for us, it takes us at 15 minutes for the second rounds of noodle to arrive. To avoid this, you can refer to the 4 types of broths’ description on top if you wish to skip the trying phase. Serving size here is very small so please be prepared ‘financially’ if you were to dine in here for a filling meal.

食La Vie温馨小提示: 这里的出菜时间很长。 我们做了一个错误就是我们第一轮时点了4种不同口味的汤汁再决定那种口味适合我们。 但是我们等了15分钟后, 第二轮的面才送到。为了避免这种事情发生, 你可以参考我们上述所讲的汤汁介绍。这里的份量真的很小, 如果你是为了吃饱而去的话,记得钱包要有足够的支援。

” I would prefer Prosperity Yum’s broth over the other flavors. However, due to the price of each bowl here, I would not consider to return unless there is any special occasions. 对比全部口味我会比较喜欢Prosperity Yum。 但是因为这里每碗的价钱, 我不会考虑回到这里除非有特别的事件。”

48 Location of Boat Noodle!


One thought on “Review : Boat Noodle @ Avenue K

  1. I find the taste average and the service kinda meh. Definitely not worth shelling out so much money. I also feel like these kind of restos won’t last that long – people dine for the novelty, and it gradually fades away. The outlet at Jaya One has already closed lol

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